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Maintaining a More Efficient Bedroom

by emily

in Design & Trends, Emily Apple, Guest article, Interior Design

Our bedrooms are the first sight we see in the mornings and the last before we go to sleep. Yet, we often allow our sleeping sanctuaries to become cluttered spaces filled with everything from laundry to yesterday’s coffee cups.

To maintain the tranquillity of our bedrooms, it is important to keep clutter out. Not only does a room containing the bare minimum aid with cleaning, it can also save valuable time and improve your sleep.

Keep cleaning simple

Your bedroom should be a place of rest and relaxation. Avoid making it a laborious room in terms of upkeep by avoiding all forms of high maintenance clutter.

The more knick-knacks you have in your bedroom, the more you’ll have to clean. Keep surfaces clear, barring the bare essentials. Don’t store jewellery and cosmetics on top of your dresser, rather keep them in a drawer to allow a quick surface wipe-down when necessary.

If you must use the space under your bed as storage, put items in wheeled containers that can easily pull out. Cleaning under your bed is key in preventing allergies, and pulling out a container is far easier than digging for individual items that need dusting.

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Keep your bedding simple

Making your bed shouldn’t take more than a minute. Why complicate your life with dozens of cushions and multiple sheets? Rather invest in one or two high quality blankets that provide enough warmth without the hassle. The idea behind making your bed is wrapping a rest-present to open later, not an endless morning chore.

A mountain of scatter cushion might look attractive, but how much time have you spent admiring you bed compared to the minutes it takes to arrange them? Rather choose one decorative cushion for a pop of colour.

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Keep floors clear

Much like surfaces, or the space underneath your bed, a cluttered floor is far more effort to clean. Avoid putting anything besides furniture on the floor, not even shoes. Inevitably, something you put on the floor will end up being in your way.

Once your bedroom is clean, see how long you can keep it that way. Studies have proven a cleared bedroom leads to improved sleep. By making small consistent effort to keep your sleeping environment clutter free, you’ll soon find that your messy bedroom can be the haven of rest you desire.


Author Bio

Emily Apple - Guest author for Marquette Turner Luxury Homes
Emily Apple is a freelance writer, artist and jewellery designer. She is a firm believer in filling her days with positive information, people and experiences to achieve a fulfilling life – a quest she takes most seriously. She lives in sunny South Africa, but spends as much time as possible exploring the world.

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