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Luxury Stalkers: It’s Not Paranoia When We Really Are Being Followed!

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Expose, Marquette Turner, Real Estate Radar

Who would ever have thought that real estate agents would be stalked? It’s an odd concept but one that is quite real and this is especially the case with Luxury Real Estate Agents.

When we first saw the beginning of the worldwide downturn in late 2007 and early 2008, media speculation began as to who would be forced to sell. All eyes were on the Luxury Waterfront suburbs, looking for any indication of a sale that might suggest a troubled company or need for immediate equity.


I recall having a coffee with a celebrity friend and client of mine at a café in Sydney last year and our office received a phone call from a property journalist before I could arrive back at my desk. On another occasion I was invited to a BBQ in Vaucluse (a Sydney blue ribbon suburb) and received a similar phone call from a journalist the next day.

The big question was, “Is the person selling?” My fellow partners can tell similar stories and have even parked their cars in discreet locations to avoid being spotted and create unwanted speculation. Some clients have even requested to see us only at night to decrease the chances of them being seen with their agent (including at the home of a third party).

The thing I have found in selling Luxury Homes is that the wealthy enjoy their privacy and hold it dear. Many of our clients prefer to have their homes listed “quietly” and are very eager for their sale to be kept private. The Luxury of something as simple as “privacy” is an amazing thing to witness.

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