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Luxury Kitchenware for Your Home

by emily

in Design & Trends, Interior Design, Interior Design, Lifestyle, Variety

Remodelling your home is a taste of blissful living and leaves you feeling overwhelmed with the amount of choices you have. From urban chic to turning your home into a retro-vibe, there are many complimentary styles to choose from. But when it comes to your kitchen, do the same décor rules apply? Yes. Many people forget about the kitchen, not even keeping in mind that kitchen is the heart of the home and needs just as much attention as the rest of the house.

Start with the wall colour

For the best home-style tips and décor planning, experts are expressing much interest in the kitchen. And wall colour is not left out of the equation.

“A dark colour will make the kitchen feel smaller and crowded, that’s the last thing you want. Even if you have a big enough space. The kitchen is not the living room and thus shouldn’t feel warm and cosy. It should feel inviting nonetheless, but more like a fun space,” says home décor site Luxuryobservatory.com.

Add modern appeal

Chrome and silverware is only one way to bring in modern appeal. A white background to lace off these stunning kitchen appliances is only a fraction of the stunning beauty of a modern kitchen. A classic kitchen can remain that way with its furnished browns and bronzes, but to have a well incorporated design you will need to get in chrome as much as possible.

Hide and seek with your appliances

You can hide your kitchen appliances away in the most obvious of places, by blending them into the background to give a more open space, detailed view to the eye. Most people seek out to reinvent their kitchens by integrating their refrigerators seamlessly into their cabinetry. Add a touch of elegance when selecting Smeg fridges into your kitchen. Choose a fridge with minimal lines that facades and controls that disappear. These are minimal amenities that will make a huge difference.

Light your way to style

Abstract lighting from Kichler Lighting in kitchens is the new hype for modern kitchens. Whether your panache is traditional with an ornate chandelier gracing your kitchen island or if you prefer a minimal set of pendants lamps – clinch onto lighting in your kitchen. Select a lighting scheme that will match your kitchen’s layout and colour arrangement. When going to buy the lights make sure that you do so only after the remodelling so that you don’t end up with lights that fit in well together.

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