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Luxury is…Privacy? What Sex & the Matthew Johns Case Illustrates

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Luxury is..., News & Views

I have watched the Matthew Johns sex scandal in dismay. I’m not a fan of bringing private matters into the public arena, especially when they can damage careers and reputations. It seems to me that reputations take years to build and only moments to destroy. So is something as simple as privacy now a Luxury?

Quite simply it’s hard to do everything right all the time. It’s even harder to keep everything you do private all the time. It gets even harder to do the right thing privately all the time when we all have very different ideas on what is right and wrong, especially when it come to topics like sex.

Whatever your views on sex and how and when it should happen and with whom, it is impossible for us all to agree on the same set of standards or rules and even so, is it necessary to?


I sell Luxury Homes and even defining what a “Luxury Home” is can sometimes be problematic. There are many people throughout the world who would argue that having a home of any sort is a Luxury, whereas others would debate the price that makes a home a “Luxury Home”.

Increasingly Luxury is being recognized more than an expensive home, boat or car. Luxury is more than a brand name or a destination but something even more intangible. Luxury is fast becoming what you cannot access or keep and is simplifying in its definition depending on who you are and what it is you desperately want or aspire to.

If we make it ok to invade every facet of a person’s life then surely privacy becomes the biggest Luxury of all.

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