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Luxury Car Maker Aston Martin Launching International Property Developments

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Lifestyle, Location, Luxury is..., News & Views, Real Estate Radar, Travel, Variety

Renowned manufacturer of luxury British sports cars, Aston Martin has announced that it is extending the reach of its brand to international property developments.

The quality, care and craftsmanship that have made Aston Martin so coveted and indeed iconic will be gracefully and seamlessly transposed onto their real estate projects.

Whether you’re a motoring enthusiast or not, or whether you have a preference of British, German or Italian luxury cars, we have little doubt that there will be a broad desire, appreciation and admiration for the marque’s selection of first class leisure destinations such as Marina, Beach, Ski, Golf and Polo resorts.

The worldwide portfolio of Aston Martin’s luxury properties will include villas, apartments, residences, hotels, sports clubs and accompanying exclusive leisure facilities.


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