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Luxury Bathrooms: Kohler’s Style (with podcast)

by Marquette Turner

in Design & Trends, Features, Podcasts

PODCAST [podcast]https://marquetteturner.com/audio/090313_KohlerPod.mp3[/podcast]

monogram-mini-white For over 130 years, Kohler has been perfecting the bathing experience, fine-tuning their offering to deliver exactly what you desire. Kohler’s engineers and designers study the movement of water and its effects on the body to develop elegant, stylish products that provide unparalleled immersion experiences with real benefits.

As a result, they’ve created five distinct technologies designed to shape and move water and air, even sound, over and around your body. These technologies deliver completely unique and satisfying bathing experiences – just a handful of the many reasons why Kohler continues to be a global leader in bathing.







After you’ve had a chance to consider the features and benefits of each of the five bathing technologies, choose the one that delivers the experience you seek. This is bathing the way it was meant to be.

For an extensive view of all Kohler products visit their website: www.kohler.com

Patrick Diaz Miholic

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