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Listen to Marquette Turner’s Articles as Podcasts

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Features, Podcasts, Wise Guy

No time to read Marquette Turner’s eMagazine or articles?

Let us read them for you.


The podcasts contain word-for-word recordings of all articles published on MarquetteTurner.com as well as each eMagazine in full (from October 2009).

The podcasts are completely free and can be listened to directly from your computer or downloaded as a premium podcast.


The beauty of podcasts is that it all happens automatically. So the latest edition is always ready to listen to whenever you want it, wherever you may be.

It is ideal for anyone who wants to listen to articles while travelling, exercising or just relaxing or for those that simply don’t have time to read them at their computer.

By subscribing to Marquette Turner’s podcasts on iTunes, the latest podcasts will be delivered directly into your iTunes library, just as soon as they’re available.


To listen to our podcasts in iTunes, simply open iTunes and go to the iTunes Store.

Picture 25.png

In the search box in the top right hand corner, type in “Marquette Turner” and click enter.

Picture 26.png

The MTLH logo will appear with the option to “Subscribe”. Click this button, go through the quick accepting process, and from then your iTunes podcast library will automatically update our latest podcasts each time you launch the application.   The downloadable files are in mp3 format.

Picture 27.png

For your convenience, there is a ”podcast” section of our website where the original articles can be viewed.

Monogram-final1a.jpg Wherever you see this logo you know that you can listen to our articles.

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