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Life Is Great Even When We Feel Things Are Tough!

by Marquette Turner

in News & Views

Forget about the rollercoaster emotional ride of the day-to-day reports of the financial markets around the world, causing financial loss and emotional pain. By taking a step back and looking at what is happening it is staggering that every 5 seconds a child dies from hunger somewhere in the world: – this is the equivalent of 37 jumbo jets filled with children crashing everyday: 18,000 innocent souls.

This is clearly sobering, stomach-churning, soul destroying and in every way a devastating reality.

It’s very important for me to recognize that many families (of many types) are experiencing tougher conditions than they can handle and would otherwise like.

It’s important to remember that we have many great things in our lives and money is important but is only one part of the puzzle. It’s been said many times that people would rather be happy than have abundant amounts of money. The reality is that having abundant money makes depression, hardship or political oppression easier to cope with than does poverty and the resulting lack of control and despair.

Look and reflect upon the good things, and no doubt your situation and those close to you and you will quickly become more positive. If you simply can’t see through the forest of despair then please contact either Michael Marquette or myself as we believe it is essential to help depressed or troubled people wherever we can. Whether it’s through a chat, meeting or referring you to a professional we trust to help, we truly want to make a difference at Marquette Turner.

Let gravity draw you toward what you cherish, enjoy or would like to feel positive about. It doesn’t take an expensive Anthony Robbins course to achieve a positive attitude or outlook. At times it takes a helping hand to point you in the right direction and both Michael Marquette and I are available and willing to assist our clients, family and friends wherever possible – we are just a call or email away.

Simon Turner

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