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Knowledge is wealth: how a little can lead to a lot

by Marquette Turner

in Money & Business, Real Estate Radar, Wise Guy

With economic times toughening, there couldn’t be a more vital time to take a few minutes each week to keep up to date with the property market, see what’s moving & shaking, what’s good buying & what’s not.

The team at Marquette Turner Luxury Homes hope that by giving you insights each week, these pieces of information will amount to a mass of knowledge that will guide you forth so that when you do make a move, it is a smart one.

Remember that people make their fortunes by understanding what’s happening, and making their moves during times when everyone else is pulling their hair out.

We want you to become a property intellectual, whilst at the same time allowing you to indulge in some of life’s luxuries even if from afar.

Michael Marquette

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