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Kitchen remodelling dos and don’ts

by emily

in Design & Trends, Interior Design, Lifestyle, Variety


A lot of life happens in the kitchen – even if you aren’t much of a cook. Redoing your kitchen is an exciting project that could actually turn out to be a good investment. If you do it right that is.


  • Your own research. Before you meet with any professionals collate a collection of images and clippings of kitchens and styles you admire.
  • Use quality materials, even for little things like drawer slides and hinges. It’s fine to try save on money here and there, but not if it means you are using poor quality materials. It’s just not worth it in the long run.
  • Consider your work flow. No matter how elegant your new kitchen you still want it to be practical. If you have to cross the kitchen to the fridge every time you need a new ingredient for your cooking you are going to get pretty annoyed pretty quickly.
  • Choose basic, quality appliances. Rather than have many useless and frivolous gadgets, stick to reliable and useful kitchen appliances. Every kitchen could do with cast iron pots, but not so much egg cubers, spaghetti twirlers or steak branders (yes, those are all real appliances you can buy online).
  • Think about what future buyers might want. Even if you are redoing your kitchen solely for your personal benefit, it is a good idea to think about what future home buyers might want to see. In other words, think about your renovations as an investment in your property.
  • Over budget. Whatever you think the project will cost, add ten per cent to that.


  • Spend more money renovating than you can reasonably make back in a sell. It can be easy to go overboard with your renovation and justify that it is an investment because you can sell your home for more. It doesn’t always work out quite like that.
  • Overdo the details. Remember that the style of your kitchen should still fit in with the rest of your home, so don’t get too carried away with excessive detailing.
  • Skimp on storage space. It is easy to forget how much storage space you need in the kitchen. Even if you do opt for open shelving, remember that you might still want concealed storage for certain kitchen wares.
  • Rush the planning and design phase. You are probably excited to get to the constructions part of the job, but take your time planning the kitchen you want. Something that seems right one week, might not next week, so give yourself time to sleep on it.
  • Forget that the kitchen is a social hub. The kitchen isn’t just for cooking or eating. It can be a place where the whole family gather and spend time together so keep that in mind when designing your dream kitchen.

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