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Jerome Karam: A Friendswood Real Estate Developer Taking Action in the Heart of Texas City

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Real Estate Radar, Variety

As the founder and JMK5 Holdings LLC’s head of operations, Jerome M. Karam hasn’t only altered old estates into thriving commercial areas but has also breathed new life to areas devastated by flooding and hurricanes. One of his numerous endeavors which have added new zest into the heart of Galveston district is the new renovations at Falstaff brewery building. President Jeff Sjostrom of the Galveston Economic Development Partnership has acknowledged Karam’s involvement in the betterment of the area. President Sjostrom mentioned that the citizens of Galveston should look forward to the countless exciting developments occurring in the area.


 JMK5 Holdings has broken ground on the old JC Penny building and is being remodeled into new six hundred and more Indoor Climate Controlled Storage units. This new project will be open and fully operational by the starting of 2019. With the renovation of the old JC Penny building, Karam and his team from JMK5 Holdings LLC plans in restoring life to Texas City’s Mall of the Mainland. 

Recently, Karam and his team have celebrated their first year of business in opening Altitude Trampoline Park located Texas City. JMK5 Holdings is proud of their achievement in creating the Nation’s largest Trampoline Park and generated one of the highest sales in their company. The vicinity caters to those who want to hang out and let loose. The trampoline park offers Teen Jump, Toddler Time, and Birthday Parties.  

After this year’s tragic Santa Fe Shootings, Karam and his associates offered a closed event to the Santa Fe High School students to eat, jump, and have fun. They wanted to help the students of Santa Fe High School to recover after the traumatic events that occurred. Recently, they also had a Facebook contest called: “Tag A Teacher”, in which local communities get to tag their hardworking and favorite teacher to get a chance to win over five hundred dollars ($500) worth of school supplies for their school room.  As an incentive, Karam and his associates also provided two free all day cup passes per students for the winning teacher to give out to her students over the year. The contest has attracted over a thousand shares in Facebook from students in the local area. 

To get to know more about Jerome Karam and his latest activities, you can visit his website https://www.jeromekaram.com.  You can also check out what’s his next project through visiting his office which you can find at 308 W. Parkwood Suite 104-A, Friendswood, TX 77546.

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