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It’s a Nice Day for a Green Wedding (with podcast)

by Marquette Turner

in Eco-Living, Features, Podcasts

PODCAST [podcast]https://marquetteturner.com/audio/090303_GreenWedding.mp3[/podcast]

Wouldn’t it be interesting to be invited to a “Green Wedding”?

It actually isn’t all that strange when you think about it. Invitations could be written and sent electronically – it would save a lot of money on printing or for those that just can’t resist sending paper invitations there are plenty of recycled options.

There are dozens of websites that allow couples to plan their day and give guests all the information they need in electronic format. You can upload photos, tell a story, or point to an online registry. You can even count your wedding’s carbon emissions.

I’m still not convinced that giving people a list of gifts to buy you is the best way to go. An increasing number of people are choosing a charity for wedding guests to donate to which is a beautiful way of enjoying your wedding and helping those less fortunate than you.


When choosing a dress (for those requiring one – we need to consider all types of relationships, including same sex couples), it is worth considering a vintage or family piece. Alternatively, some companies create gowns from sustainable fabrics like hemp or bamboo and there are also manufacturers of edible gowns – the mind does boggle!

For those that choose designer suits and gowns it is in vogue to give back to the community. Donating the clothes for charities to auction is a wonderful idea, with the charity using the proceeds to help those most in need.

Using seasonal and organic flowers is definitely the way to go. Out of season arrangements are often shipped from overseas adding to greenhouse emissions.

Limit packaging and search for organic proof. Some of the best food is pesticide free, made with organic eggs and flour and other sustainable ingredients.

Pick an eco-friendly location that is easy to get to and close to public transport and arrange carpools or provide shuttle buses. Have the reception and ceremony at the same venue (Religion permitting of course), which will reduce travel and greenhouse emissions.

For a special entrance you can choose a horse drawn carriage or use hybrid cars. Some people have ridden push bikes or even walked down the street after getting off a bus or train – the amount of attention this receives would make it fun I’m sure.

Last of all, eco-friendly rings are a nice touch. Choosing to use an old family heirloom and having it re-crafted can make for a very special and meaningful jewelry piece. Just don’t get divorced or it might be lost forever!

It’s fun to think of new and different ways of doing everything we do in life. Things are changing around us quicker than ever before and I look forward to attending a truly green ceremony soon.

Christine Watson

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