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Items that every grown-up bedroom should have

by emily

in Variety

Growing up, most people weren’t too phased about their living arrangements. Either you mismatched everything or your mom’s style determined your bedroom decor and set up. Thereafter, when you jetted off to college, you probably kept things to a minimum because of cost and limitations involved.

If this sounds familiar, you will understand the challenges of growing up. But, once you move into your own space and become an adult, you need to start spending money on creating your own ‘adult’ style.

Buying furniture and decorations to complement your new grown-up home doesn’t need to cost a lot. While the equipment and furniture you’re used to from your younger days were simply ‘there’ without your opinion, you will now need to learn how to transform your own, new bedroom into a grown-up space.

Here are a few tips when looking to switch things up and make mature decisions in your bedroom:

Nice sheets: When you’re young and broke, you don’t understand the importance of quality sheets and bedding. Now that you have your own space and bedroom to decorate according to your own taste, make sure you purchase bedding sets and sheets that match and feel soft against your skin. These sheets don’t need to be expensive or of the highest thread count, just make sure they match and look good.

Quality mattress: The older you get, the more important sleep is for your general well-being. Having a good night’s rest on a high-quality mattress will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the new day. It’s particularly important to invest in a good quality mattress and a set of pillows once you pass a certain age. Especially when you’re experiencing physical issues such as backache or neck ache. This long-term investment will support your body and contribute to a long, relaxing night’s rest.

Bedside table: Whether you’re two people or one, you need to have a bedside table next to your bed. These tables should match (if you purchase two), as well as the side lamps you’ll be putting on top of the bedside table. Not only does it complement the bed, but it serves as a resting place for your cup of tea before bed time, a book or magazine, glasses and more. The same goes for the bedside lamp. Once you switch off your main light, you should have an alternative light source if need be. Having a bedside lamp is extremely helpful if you need to get out of bed during the night. It’ll help you see without falling.

Artwork on the walls: If you have a family or simply enjoy taking photos, having a designated wall where you can place all of your photos will cheer up those bare walls. Photos, paintings or general wall art are a wonderful way to give your space a personal touch and balance out the not-so-busy-looking areas.

Full-length mirror: Along with a well-decorated bedroom, you need to start looking at your dressing area and ensuring you have the essentials you need. While you might have a small mirror in your bathroom, it isn’t nearly big enough to view your outfits in. Part of being an adult is looking sharp and professional whenever and wherever you are. You need to have a full-length mirror in your bedroom so that you have a clear head-to-toe visual representation of how you look when you leave your bedroom for work.

Real furniture: Many people believe that they should save up for a particular item and spend that money on purchasing a quality piece of furniture. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and instead of stocking your bedroom and home with poor quality furniture just so that it looks good, rather save your money and buy something expensive every once in a while. DIY and repurposing old furniture is also an option if you don’t want to spend much money. Whatever you do, treat yourself to ‘real’ furniture that matches and looks elegant. After all, you’ve worked hard to get to where you are today. Spoil yourself and your home.

Final words

Building a home takes time, money and effort. We spend so many hours at the office that we should be able to come home to something special and unique. Life is stressful as it is, and while materialistic items should not be your focus, having a ‘retreat’ you can look forward to when you get home will make you appreciate how far you’ve come. Your bedroom is the one area in the house where you can make it as personal and comfortable as you want. It’s all about you and what brings you happiness. Make the most of your grown-up years and put the effort in to show yourself and your family what you’ve achieved.

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