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Italy Real Estate Resources

We have Italy real estate resources listed in numerous categories below. Simply click on the link.

General Country Links

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Buying Guides

  • Buying in Italy (Channel4.com Homes) – A guide to property buying in Italy.
  • Buying property in Italy (See You in Italy) – Step-by-step guidelines and advice on buying Italian real estate in Umbria and Tuscany.
  • Buying Real Estate in Italy (Claudias Corner) – Personal advice from a native Italian on buying residential property in Italy, with interesting stories and a number of useful facts.
  • Buying Real Estate in Italy: A legal overview – A guide that emphasizes the legal side to buying property in Italy.
  • Expats in Italy: Property Guide – An informative guide written by an expat in Italy, offering advice in finding property, negotiations, laws, contracts, deeds, and post-completion formalities.
  • Guide to buying a home in Italy (UniCredit Banca per la Casa)
  • Guide to Buying Property in Tuscany (Villaman) – Legal and technical FAQ plus a downloadable pdf file, “Step by Step Guide to Buying Property in Tuscany”
  • How to buy an apartment in Venice, Italy – Article that details the steps in buying a property in Venice, Italy, from the proposal of purchase to the final contract. Also provides some tax information.
  • How to buy real estate in Italy (keyitaly.com) – Provides an overview of the entire process of buying property/real estate in Italy.
  • Italy Property Guide (Just Landed) – Fairly comprehensive guide for property buyers in Italy, plus a directory of real estate agents and other services, property discussion forums, and feature articles on property.
  • Property-abroad.coms Buyers Guide – A single-page guide on buying property in Italy, with tips about relocating to and living in Italy.

Economics & Statistics

  • Banca d Italia – Central bank of Italy official website. Has many statistical documents as well as up-to-date figures on inflation, growth, and interest rates.
  • Country Briefings: Italy (Economist.com) – Provides economic news, indicators, statistics, forecasts, reports, and a country profile on Italy.
  • House Prices and Housing Wealth in Italy [PDF] – A 2004 technical paper detailing house price estimation formulas for the Italian property market.
  • Istituto Nazionale di Statistica (English version) – Currently offers some statistical data banks in English, but for the most part the information on this site is in Italian.
  • Italian Economy Watch – A weblog that follows the day-to-day progress of the Italian economy.
  • List of Economic Surveys of Italy (OECD) – Surveys of the Italian economy focusing on economic outlook, monetary and financial issues, public finances, and support for innovation.
  • Nomisma: Real Estate – Nomisma is a society for economic studies and policy advice. Its site offers some data on the Italian property market.
  • RICS European housing review 2004 [PDF] – Contains several pages of statistical information relating to the Italian property market using figures from several years back.
  • Scenari Immobiliari – An independent research institute specializing in property analysis. It offers Italian real estate market data for sale, and obtainable online.
  • UniNews – The weekly newsletter from UniCredit Group. Offers some economic and market analysis.

Forums & Blogs

  • 2 Italy – Blog of an American couple who has moved to Italy. There are numerous entries detailing the process of moving and finding a place to live in Italy, and posts about daily Italian life.
  • AngloINFO Liguria Forum – Forums about living on the Italian Riviera, with some classifieds on property for rent and for sale.
  • AngloINFO Milan Forum – Forums about living in Milan and Lomabardy, including some classifieds on property for rent and for sale.
  • AngloINFO Rome Forum – Forums on topics about living in Rome, including some classifieds on property for rent and for sale.
  • AngloINFO Tuscany Forum – Forums about living in Tuscany, Italy, including some classifieds on property for rent and for sale.
  • Blog directory: Expatriate living in Italy – Links to various blogs written by expats living in Italy.
  • BritishExpats.com Forum: Italy – A forum for British expats in Italy or moving to Italy.
  • Expat Focus Forums – Italy – Forums for expats in Italy.
  • Expat Talk – The Forum for Expats in Italy – A popular forum for expats with threads on moving to Italy, property, expat life, Italian politics, want ads, expat FAQs, and more.
  • Italy Magazine Forums – Discussion forums that include a section for home buyers and home owners, with categories such as Property Sales/Rental Advice, Building/Renovation, Legal, Cost of Living, etc.
  • Italy Property Forum (TheMoveChannel.com) – Italian real estate threads on one of the most active property forums online.
  • Just Landed Forums: Italy – Discussion forums for the Just Landed Community. Includes a forum on Housing & Rentals.
  • keyitaly.com blog – keyitaly.com is a property listing site for Italy. Its blog brings you news and views regarding the Italian property market.
  • Life in Italy – Various discussions about Italy and Italian culture, including fairly active threads on Italian real estate, property rental, and expat living.
  • Moving2Italy2 – Personal blog that contains information and resources about moving to Italy.
  • The Italian Forums – Forums on Italy-related topics, including forums on accomodations, flatshares, and rooms for rent. There seems to be a fair amount of forum spam, however.
  • Welcome to Puglia – A blog about property and tourism in the Puglia region of Italy.

Landlord & Tenant

  • Just Landed Guide: Housing & Rentals – A pretty complete housing & rentals guide for Italy, with an informative entry on rental contracts.
  • Property International: Renting in Italy – Guidelines on renting an Italian apartment or villa, including info on rental costs, utilities, contracts, cost of living increase, security deposit, condominium expenses, registration tax, and maintenance.
  • Renting a House or Apartment in Italy (AngloINFO Rome) – A guide to renting property in Italy, with an explanation of rental contracts.


  • Guide to Law Online: Italy – Links to the Italian constitution and other legal texts and guides for Italy.
  • International Constitutional Law: Italy Index – Provides a downloadable copy of the Italian Constitution, and info including the Constitutional background, history and events.
  • Legislation Italy (Lexadin) – Listing of links to Italian legal texts online.
  • The Constitution of the Italian Republic – Provides an English version of the Constitution of the Italian Republic.
  • WorldLII – Italy – A directory of links related to Italian laws, including case-law, introductions to Italian law, civil codes, and other legislation.



  • Business Italia – Information about Italian taxes and duties, fiscal reform, and more.
  • CAF – Tax Assistance Center – Italian-language site providing assistance and information on Italian taxation.
  • Consulassociati.com: Taxation – Provides tables detailing the Italian tax regimen, both for individuals and for companies.
  • Invest in Italy: Tax System Guide – An informative overview of the Italian tax system, detailing types of taxes, taxation of resident and non-resident companies, etc.
  • Italian Inheritance Taxes for Italian Properties (Studio Legale Metta) – Basic information about Italian inheritance tax.
  • Italian Tax Authority – Offers comprehensive information on Italian taxation.
  • Italy Tax information (Knightsbridge Investment Group) – Information on property taxes and income taxes in Italy.
  • Tax Guide for Foreigners (PDF) – Downloadable pdf file with info about the fiscal code and VAT number, rent contracts, buying your first home, death duties, refunds, and tax payment forms and irregularity communications.
  • Tax Issues (Imo Invest) – Information regarding tax issues in Italy for non-residents purchasing or investing in Italian property.
  • Tax System (Invest in Italy) – A guide to the tax system in Italy.
  • Taxation in Italy – An overview of Italian taxation on resident companies.
  • Taxation of Italian property (International Mortgage Network) – Describes the two types of local property taxes in Italy.
  • The facts about investing in France and Italy (ThePost.ie) – Contains information on Italian tax residence rules and tax structure.
  • The Tax Fulfilments of the Non-Tax Resident – A helpful article explaining how to file an individual tax return in Italy when one is a non-tax resident.

Yellow Pages & Directories

  • AngloINFO Italy – Information and business directory with thousands listings of English-speaking businesses and services in Rome, Milan, Tuscany, and Liguria.
  • English Yellow Pages for Italy – A directory for English-speaking businesses and professionals in Italy.
  • English Yellow Pages for Italy – Directory of English-speaking professionals and businesses in Italy.
  • EscapeArtist.com: Business & Real Estate in Italy – A directory of Italian real estate firms and other services of use to travelers and expats in Italy.
  • ItalBiz – A comprehensive directory of Italian companies trading internationally. Find Italian manufacturers, distributors and retailers.
  • Italia Mia – A collection of selected websites about Italy, Italian culture, and products made in Italy.
  • Italian Web – The directory on Italy and everything Italian.
  • Just Landed Directory: Italy – The Just Landed directory offers you useful addresses and internet sites for your stay in Italy.
  • Pagine Gialle – Yellow pages search for Italy, available in English and other languages.
  • Pronto.it – Elenco Telefonico ed Altro

Country Description

Investment Climate

  • 2006 Investment Climate Statement – Italy
  • All About Private Equity Investing in Italy (AltAssets) – Compilation of online news and resources relating to private equity investing in Italy. Has not been updated in a long time.
  • Country Information: Italy (UK Trade & Investment)
  • Doing Business in Italy (Embassy of Italy in Washington) – The Embassy of Italy in Washington provides some useful information about doing business in Italy for foreigners.
  • Doing Business In Italy (MSI Global) – Information on doing business in Italy provided by local law and accounting firms.
  • Doing Business in Italy (The World Bank Group) – A summary of “Doing Business” data for Italy, including its overall “Ease of Doing Business” rank.
  • Doing Business in Italy (U.S. Commercial Service) – Provides a comprehensive overview of the commercial environment in Italy.
  • Doing Business in Italy [PDF] (Rowbotham) – A pdf file providing data about the Italian business environment, including info on taxes, restrictions on foreign investments, residency rules, investment incentives, income tax treaties, etc.
  • FDI.net: Italy – Information directory for all things related to foreign direct investment in Italy.
  • Handbook 2008: Doing Business in Italy – Has available for download the Handbook 2008: Doing Business in Italy (as a PDF file).
  • Index of Economic Freedom: Italy – A report on the business and economic freedom of Italy.
  • International Investing: Italy (CNBC.com) – An overview of Italys economy, including business-related statistics.
  • Invest in Italy – Investment guide providing information and support on investment incentives and business opportunities in Italy.
  • Investing in Italy (lifeinitaly.com) – General information on investing in Italian real estate, restaurants, and tourism.
  • World Investment Report 2007: Country Fact Sheet – Italy (PDF)

Newspapers, Magazines & Blogs

  • ANSA.it – Italy news from the online news agency ANSA, in Italian and English.
  • Corriere della Sera – International Edition – Milan-based Italian national daily newspaper.
  • Expats in Italy: Stories & Blogs – Recommended-reading blogs by expats all around Italy.
  • Italian Newspapers and News Sites – A directory of links to Italian newspapers and magazines online.
  • Italian Press Digest – An independent, non-partisan website and newsletter on Italian politics and current affairs.
  • Italy Magazine – Online version of a print magazine about Italy and Italian culture. Includes property listings, forums, and sections on travel, accommodation, weddings, and food.
  • Italy News (EIN News) – Constantly updated news and information about Italy.
  • Italy News (guardian.co.uk) – News and special reports on Italy from The Guardian.
  • Italy News (guardian.co.uk) – The latest news about Italy from The Guardian.
  • Italy News (Inform.com) – Italy news from thousands of sources including video, audio, and blogs.
  • Italy News (The New York Times) – General information and world news about Italy from The New York Times.
  • Italy News (Topix) – News on Italy continually updated from thousands of sources around the net.
  • Italy newsguide (guardian.co.uk) – Links and reviews of Italy news sites from The Guardian.
  • NewsNow: Italy – Italy news from various web sources, updated every 5 minutes.
  • Quote.com Italy – A leading provider of Italian financial market news and information.
  • The American – Online version of an independent monthly magazine that reports about Italian politics, events, and culture.
  • The Roman Forum – Online version of print newspaper focused on “News and Views about Rome” and including a good section on Property News.
  • zoomata: a close-up on italy

Travel & Tourism

  • A Home of Your Own in Italy (Family Travel Forum) – Informative article about “agriturismo” — a tourism trend where farmhouses or country villas are rented out to travelers seeking to experience life in the Italian countryside.
  • Agriturismo in Toscana – Official site for agriturism resources in Tuscany, Italy.
  • Agriturismo.it – Agriturismo portal that offers forums and an interactive map for finding farmhouses and country villas available to rent in Italy.
  • Agriturismo.net – Offers a large number of listings for farmhouse and villa accommodations in Tuscany and other areas of Italy.
  • Amore Travel Guides – Vacation advice for Venice, Rome, Florence, Milan, and other places in Italy. Find hotel deals, attractions, maps, travel advice and more.
  • Bari City Guide (Time Out Travel) – Bari, Italy travel guide with information on hotels, restaurants, bars, shopping and sightseeing.
  • Bed and Breakfast Italia – Directory of Italian bed and breakfasts, guest houses, and country houses.
  • Bologna City Guide (Time Out Travel) – Bologna, Italy travel guide with information on hotels, restaurants, bars, shopping and sightseeing.
  • Discover Italia – Tourism info site with guides to selected Italian cities and destinations. Istituto Geografico De Agostini website.
  • Dream of Italy – Italian Travel News Blog
  • International Travel Information: Italy, Holy See (Vatican City) and San Marino – US Department of State travel advice.
  • Italian Government Tourist Board – Lots of useful information on Italian tourism, including info on climate, holidays, events, accommodation, transportation, etc. Includes databases for Italian hotels, museums, and tourist offices.
  • Italy Magazine: Travel Articles
  • Italy Tourism – Information for tourists in Italy, travel tips, Italian region guides. From the Italian Government Tourist Board in North America.
  • Italy Travel Guide (Lonely Planet) – Advice on visiting Italy for travelers, by travelers.
  • Italy Travel Guide (Wikitravel) – Wiki-style travel guide to Italy, its attractions, hotels, restaurants, nightlife, and more.
  • ItalyGuides: A Sightseeing Revolution – Offers a virtual reality tour through Italy. With free audio guides, high definition movies, and virtual panoramas of Italian cities.
  • ItalyLogue: Italy Travel Guide – A one-stop Italy travel guide with info and resources on vacation rentals, hotels, villas, agriturismo, Italian cities, festivals, vineyards, tours, and more.
  • Just Landed Guide: Italy – This Italy guide covers topics like visas, travel, housing, jobs and finance.
  • Made In Italy On Line – An Italian culture portal, this site also provides several useful articles of interest to travelers, including guides to Rome, art exhibits in Italy, events, gardens, spas, and unusual museums.
  • Pescara City Guide (Time Out Travel) – Pescara, Italy travel guide with information on hotels, restaurants, bars, shopping and sightseeing.
  • Rome City Guide (Time Out Travel) – Provides details of accommodation, sightseeing, eating & drinking in Rome. Weekly entertainment listings, travel features, etc.
  • Travel Attractions in Italy (GeoBeats) – Guided video tours on Italys various tourist attractions.
  • Ultimate Italy – Italy travel and tourism portal with info on Italian cities, places, islands, piazzas, museums, restaurants, food & wine, festival events, parks, and more.
  • Venice City Guide (Time Out Travel) – Venice travel guide with information on hotels, restaurants, bars, shopping and sightseeing.
  • Wandering Italy – Italy from a wanderers perspective. Walking, trekking, hiking, or any kind of slow travel to Italy is discussed.