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Investing in Property in Dallas, TX

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Real Estate Radar, Variety

Are you thinking about buying your first investment property or are you looking to expand your investment portfolio? Dallas, Texas is an up-and-coming investment area that’s well worth a look if you’re interested in hitting the ground running in this great market. There are a lot of great reasons to consider Dallas at the top of your location list. With a growing population, booming industry, and a need for more home and businesses, it’s an excellent real estate opportunity for the right investor. Keep reading for more information about investing in property in Dallas, Texas!

Dallas, Texas

Image via Pixabay

Rising Property Prices

Now is the best time to purchase property in Dallas! Prices are rising and are expected to continue rising in the next few years, so don’t delay if you think this is the right investment area for you. Rent prices in Dallas are rising rapidly, and it’s one of the more expensive areas to live in Texas. The average rent in Dallas for a one-bedroom apartment is around $997 while a two-bedroom runs at around $1433. Investing in an apartment allows for a lot of growth in the next few years! Click here to see 30,000 New Apartments in Dallas Graphic (Map!) | Dallas Growth.

Unique Neighborhoods

Like all large cities, there are distinct neighborhoods to consider. One of the top areas for Dallas investment properties is known as Near East. This is the area closest to a lot of the biggest city attractions, and it’s got the highest median income of any other area in Dallas making it one of the best areas to live. Near East also is the most affordable region in Dallas for investment properties!

Another great real estate market is in the Farmers Market District of Dallas. This is home to Dallas’ famous Farmers Market, as the name suggests, and it’s a more affordable area. A median home price would be around $237,000. While traditional rental strategies work well here, it’s known for its Airbnb market. If you’re looking into using a platform like Airbnb for temporary vacation rentals, this is the best are to do it with Airbnb rental income at an average of $8663 a month. When choosing an investment property in Dallas, be sure to give good thought to the neighborhood.

Dallas, Texas

Image via Pixabay

Population Growth

One of the biggest reasons to consider Dallas for your investment property is its population growth. In the past few years, Dallas has proven to be one of the fastest growing cities. In 2017, the Dallas area had the largest growth of residents of any other metro area in the United States! As more people continue to move to the Dallas area, there’s a greater need for homes and properties. Rental costs have grown to meet this growing demand, and that’s good news for the property investors who get in quick on this trend.

The majority of new residents in the Dallas area are young professionals. These professionals are in search of career growth and are flocking to the many growing industries. Young progressives often start by renting, so the need for rental properties grows every day. Property investors can reasonably expect a big return on their investment property as well as equity gains over the next few years.

Don’t Delay Your Investment

In Dallas, things are moving quickly. The population is showing now intention of slowing down and housing prices are rising to meet the demand. The time to invest in property is now! To get the most value for your money, act soon by choosing a high-growth neighborhood at the right time!

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