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Internet Excitement: Senior Managers Lack Interest

by Marquette Turner

in News & Views

Companies are having a tough time persuading their senior managers to take advantage of online training. According to studies, 90% of managers have Internet access, but most don’t find the time to participate in e-learning or other Internet-based training.

About 67% say they spent 30 minutes or less last year using intranets or e-learning to solve business issues. Slightly more than half (54%) have capitalised on available online management resources.

Time constraints and lack of engagement are stumbling blocks. 46% say they have “too many distractions” to use computer-based learning, while 20% claim the learning content “fails to engage them.” The conclusions were drawn from responses of nearly 1,000 managers.

In a separate survey, however, consulting firm McKinsey & Co. reports that executives see the value of advanced Internet technologies that promote self-paced learning and collaboration.

These tools include items such as peer-to-peer networking, blogs, podcasts and social networking. According to McKinsey, half of the 2,847 executives surveyed “are pleased with the results of their investments in Internet technologies” made during the past five years. Three-quarters of companies plan to either increase or at least maintain their investments in so-called Web 2.0 technologies.

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