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Interior Design Inspiration: Color In Nature, 2019

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Design & Trends, Interior Design, Variety

Natural Influence

One of the reason colors reflecting nature are so aesthetically pleasing has to do with the way human beings react to them. Circadian rhythms are cycles of fatigue and enervation which follow natural transition from day to night. You are naturally more awake in the morning, and more sleepy in the evening. Light patterns actually affect how we feel on a physical level.

With that in mind, it should be no surprise that unnatural colors which aren’t experienced in nature have an effect on the human psyche. It has recently been found that too much technology use can have an adverse effect on mental health—balance is something that must be considered.

It should also be no surprise unnatural grays or neon colors within a home aren’t conducive to comfort, or appealing. In the sixties, such motifs were common. In the seventies, puke green or neon orange shag rugs were all the rage. Those quickly fell out of style. Meanwhile, natural hues reflecting the seasons have defined interior decoration for hundreds of years.

Wooden tones, grains, and textures are often sought. Autumn colors tend to be popular. What works best in your property may differ depending on your locality and your property’s architecture, but one thing is clear: 2018 saw naturally inspired color schemes trend, and this is spilling over into 2019.

Kitchen window

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What This Means To You

You don’t necessarily need mahogany cupboards carved from the tree where the wood was sourced. Certainly there is a place for such furniture items, but they can be costly and cumbersome. Meanwhile, other furniture and cabinetry options exist which can perfectly fit a specific niche in your home while reflecting that “nature” vibe so trendy at present.

Solutions from Cabinets To Go offer a wide variety of cabinetry for a wide variety of needs; check the link for some reviews on some considerable RTA options. RTA stands for Ready To Assemble, and refers to cabinetry that can be designed on request, or for a specific purpose. You build it on-site, meaning you can also get large storage into tiny spaces.

Additionally, you might look into some home remodel solutions. A paint job in earthy tones could give character to certain rooms. Wallpaper with patterns that reflect nature might also be considerable. Technology makes it more feasible than ever to simulate the natural world using artificial means; and at relatively low cost. If you can get a sample of a color, you can get paint mixed in that exact shade.

Remodel and maintenance are key in maintaining property value over time. It’s important to upgrade using tactics which aren’t ephemeral. Shag carpets are out; they were a passing fad. But cabinetry of the qualitative, naturally-inspired variety has been “in” since the 1800s, and likely won’t fall out of fashion any time soon.

Kitchen counter

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Comfort On A Subconscious Level

A home should be a refuge, but it shouldn’t make you feel like you’re not connected to the reality which surrounds you, and from which you’ve come. This is especially true in a large city where the speed of life is quick, traffic is loud, chemical smells abound, the stars are hidden by the streetlights, and smog is everywhere. A natural-feeling home is the perfect escape.

In 2019, as in 2018, there is likely to be an expansion in the trend of interior design motifs which are modeled around natural elements. Now it’s also to be expected that many of these motifs will incorporate technology. Projectors can put a scene on a wall that’s seasonal, and matches a room.

LED lights connected to smartphones through IoT (Internet of Things) arrays can make it so, with the swipe of a finger, you can change the “spirit” of a room in terms of lighting. But many technological “marriages” between style and utility will fizzle out. Your best bet in terms of design and property value maintenance is to seek “classic” themes and methods of implementation which transcend time, provide comfort, and reflect nature.

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