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Inside the Amazing Palaces of the World’s Royal Families

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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The palace remains the epitome of royal luxury – combining history, opulence and administrative function. But for the world’s remaining monarchs, palaces are also serving as modern homes in which to raise the next generation of their royal family.

United Kingdom

The British Royal family is regarded as one of the largest property owners in the United Kingdom. Their £7.3 billion asset holding includes Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace. Windsor Castle is set on 13 acres of land and comprises more than 1000 rooms including the imposing St George’s Chapel. The Castle’s cellar has capacity for over 18,000 bottles of wine and the kitchen operates with 33 chefs. Windsor Castle remains the oldest continuously occupied castle in Europe. The Duchess of Cambridge has reportedly been hosting playdates for Prince George at Windsor Castle when his great-grandmother, the Queen is not in residence.

Windsor Castle Dining Room


Image credit: Fangleman

Windsor Castle Exterior

Image credit: Jelltex


The Sultan of Brunei, Haji Hassanal Bolkiah, has directed the proceeds from the island state’s vast reserves of oil and natural gas into some of the most lavish palaces, hotels and properties on earth.

Forbes ranks the Sultan’s net worth at around US$20 billion, with much of his wealth tied up in a property portfolio that includes the luxurious Istana Nurul Iman palace. The Palace includes more than 1700 rooms, private mosque, 110-car garage, stables and 5 swimming pools. The Palace has been a hive of activity since the arrival of the Sultan’s first of 12 children in 1969.


The Prince’s Palace of Monaco was originally built as a fortress and now occupies an imposing piece of waterfront real estate in the European principality. The Palace includes a private wing for the royal apartments, frescoes and courtyard made from over 3 million local pebbles. The Palace remains a seat of power for the gambling mecca from which Prince Rainier and his son, Albert II reign. The Prince’s Palace has been extremely busy recently since the arrival of twins Princess Gabriella and Hereditary Prince Jacques in December, 2014.

Monaco Palace Exterior

Image credit: Iboman


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