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Infill Homes – Living in a Luxury Home Without Breaking The Bank

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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As a new generation of citizens are beginning to discover, the words infill homes and luxury accommodation do not have to be mutually exclusive.  Indeed, with many urban city centres both nationwide and worldwide recognising the positive aspects of new building projects, a new era of cost-effective luxury is fast approaching.

Infill Luxury Homes on Marquette Turner Luxury Homes 2

What are infill homes?

Infill homes are concentrated around the concepts of how best to use space; space in a busy urban exterior and space in a shared home environment. Specifically utilised as a means of growth management in inner-city areas, the necessity of infill housing and the methods used on such projects have been improving steadily over the decades.

Concentrating on underused land and previously developed urban areas, this form of redevelopment can infuse a metropolis with new life and new energy. For people that want to get close to the heart of a city for less, this form of architectural progress represents a superb option.

Custom built infill homes by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

Infill homes and custom built luxury

Through cutting-edge practises of planning and development it is now possible to experience luxury real estate in busy city centres for feasible sums of money. While this may have been something of a dream in the past, it is now very much a reality and part of the economic and social fabric. The possibility of high-class inner-city living can now be found up and down the country, with the astonishing array of benefits only too clear to prospective customers. For one, daily commutes can be significantly improved by living away from the suburbs.

The time and money saved by such differences can be considerable, and can quickly represent a welcome financial change! Also, the confidence and convenience of being able to access urban cultural, entertainment and shopping highlights can bring a true sense of community to a resident.  Cities themselves also benefit from the advantages of regenerated centres, and offer residents perfectly luxurious homes in a thriving and lively urban area.

Infill Luxury Homes on Marquette Turner Luxury Homes 3


Modern techniques for the future of affordable luxury

With this form of housing development well within the range of many mixed income communities, it is clear that infill homes can hold a truly modern and progressive method of addressing urban renewal. The services of a custom home builder can specify exactly how a prospective resident can maximise the potential of 21st Century planning and construction methods to devise their ideal home.

Specialising in the organisation and deployment of specific features designed to heighten a resident’s home experience; a custom home builder can offer a genuine insight into the future of affordable urban luxury housing. Thankfully for all of us, the future is already here.

With the regenerative effects of new architectural and building practises showing a constructive way forward for urban renewal and redevelopment, the lasting impact of a new wave of affordable housing is starting to become obvious.

Infill Luxury Homes on Marquette Turner Luxury Homes 4

This is a guest article by Lussy Mark. A custom built inner-city home- something that was once a pipe-dream for many- is now fundamentally possible.  To learn about the infill home building process visit Sunset Homes.

All images credited to www.sunsethomes.ca


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