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Inexpensive Ways to Make your Home Look Lavish

by emily

in Interior Design, Lifestyle, Variety

If you have expensive taste, but don’t have the budget to swaddle yourself in the life of luxury, then trying to pull of lavishness can seem like a daunting task. Your budget will end up in the drain if you even dare to shop exclusively at luxury boutiques and high end stores. Contrary to popular belief it’s possible to pull off a posh appearance in your home with a low budget. Using a touch of silver, freshly cut flowers and a clever use of white, here’s how:

A touch of glam here and there

Glam in colour doesn’t necessarily mean gold only, depending of your shade of gold, it may even come across as tacky and cheap. That’s the total opposite of what you’re aiming for. To stay on the safe side, and avoiding the colour of your fake gold from discolouring, go for silver elements. Silver stands out without looking cheap or overdone. Put up a trio of frames, homeware or a small cluster of silver plated pictures in different sizes. Choose between the colours of chrome, metallic grey or brushed nickel; these are all sleeker, classier and much easier on the eye than gold.

Vinyl flooring

Forget the big, cream, fluff carpet that you think will make a major impact in your living room. Carpets may add extravagance, but to be honest, they only trap dirt, absorb odours and are easily stained. So, forget carpeting and go for vinyl flooring. It has an elegant look and it’s easy to clean, not to mention cheap.  It’s available in an array of different colours and patterns for you to choose from and most importantly it can imitate materials like hardwood, marble or tile. The versatility of vinyl can make your home look chic.

You can’t go wrong with white

Model homes and luxury apartments all contain white-walled only rooms because it works. If you want to bring in a clean, cut, elegance, then white is the direction you need to head in. This colour is inviting, opens up the space and goes with virtually anything. White will draw in the focus of other décor elements in your home; this is where the chrome accents come into play. Ensure that you keep your white furnishings and walls clean, as dust and dirt on white will look like anything but wealth.

freshly cut flowers

Fresh flowers

There’s something about freshly cut flowers that revitalises a room in a way that no other type of decoration or plastic plant can. The fresh look and feel of the flowers, will systematically add warmth and personality to your space.  Regardless of the décor, fresh flowers can change the theme of any room. To bring in the season from the outside, to the inside of your home, put up a bouquet for spring, for fall or winter put up blooms. To bring attention to a certain area, place a few buds or a pot plant next to it.

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