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If A Deal Sounds Too Good To Be True…

by Marquette Turner

in Money & Business, Real Estate Radar

Overseas property still remain enthusiastic when the right investment is presented to them, as the results of a campaign of 14,000 investors displayed when questioned on the subject of “Irresistible deals”.

investors were presented with the opportunity to acquire an apartment in Paris with a nine year rental guarantee, taxes paid by the government, 100% finance available and with a total investment requirement of $6,100 US (approximately $9,400 AUD , £4,000, 4,700 Euros)

The world of international property investing is changing. The sorts of deals available stack-up from every angle requiring low investment capital, they would have been unheard of a year or so ago.

Another example of what is now available to overseas investors can be seen with properties for sale in Buffalo, New York State where investment homes start from as low as £7,333 see example here: Low Cost Investment property

Simon Turner

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More information: Currency Exchange www.xe.com (this is where we took our approximate figures from)

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