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How to Update Your Kitchen with a European-Inspired Design

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Design & Trends, Interior Design, Variety

As we all know, the kitchen is the heart of the home. That’s why one of the first things most prospective buyers of single-family homes, townhomes, and even condominiums are concerned with is the style, design, and layout of the kitchen.

But kitchens don’t just need to be beautiful, they also need to be functional and durable enough to withstand daily use. Kitchens are where family and friends gather, and where every day cooking happens too. Cabinets, drawers, countertops, and appliances need to be beautiful and long-lasting.

What is the answer for meeting both needs for aesthetic pleasure and practicality? European inspired kitchens.

European inspired kitchens are beautiful and functional. Here are some ways you can bring European inspired design elements into your kitchen at home.


Most traditional kitchens use natural materials for cabinets, countertops, floors, and furniture. But European kitchens tend to use other materials in their modern and contemporary styles, like laminate, ceramics, and even molded plastics. However, the best decision of all might be combine natural materials, like granite countertops with laminate wood-inspired cabinets.

This design choice will give you the best of both worlds as both materials are long-lasting and attractive. This mix of materials is an easy way to bring more European modern to your kitchen without making it stray too far from classic.

Luxury Kitchens on Pinterest from Marquette Turner Luxury Homes


The flooring and tile work in European kitchens tend to vary based on the region of Europe the design is inspired by. For instance, a French country style kitchen may incorporate natural and clean calming colors in tile work and floors, while a Tuscan kitchen will likely feature earth tones and terracotta.


Smaller ways to add some flair to your kitchen is through accessories. If you don’t have it in your budget to get all new cabinets, you could elect to give them a fresh coat of paint or stain and some new hardware, or maybe even no hardware, to reflect a new modern style.

Another budget-friendly option is to replace just the cabinet doors, instead of the entire cabinet, with glass paned doors, frosted glass doors, or laminate doors.

Small cooking accessories are also part of your kitchen’s overall look, especially if they are housed on your counter tops or in plain view on open shelving or in glass-front cabinets. Blenders, coffeemakers, and mixers are now available in a variety of colors that can add some personality to your kitchen, or detract from your design scheme if you don’t choose wisely.

Major Appliances

As the major cities in the U.S. continue to grow in population and people begin to live in smaller spaces, many are opting for European-inspired appliances in their kitchens. European appliances tend to be smaller, sleeker, and are also famous for doing double duty by meeting more than one need in the kitchen. Another bonus is the European appliances are also very energy efficient, which helps bring down energy costs, and makes they attractive to the growing percentage of the population that is environmentally conscious.

Bringing your kitchen up to date and adding some European elements doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a fortune or lose all of the elements you currently have in your space. There are small things you can do to update your kitchen and being some European sophistication to your kitchen to make it the best of both worlds.

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