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How to Turn Your Spare Bedroom into a Private Reading Room

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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If you’re a voracious reader and have a collection of books that could form a small lending library, consider turning your spare guest room into a private reading area. Surround yourself with all of your favorite reads, while equipping the room with all the extra comforts to make this room a real retreat. Here are a few things to consider before converting the room:

Determine How Much Space You’ll Need

First, figure out how much space you’ll need for your library. Is your spare bedroom big enough to hold all of your books? Is it so big that you worry about too much extra space? Decide whether a shelving unit would work best, or if the room is better suited to built-in shelving. Look online at other reading room designs for inspiration. Also, consider your main light source. If you have large window, such as a bay window, perhaps a window seat would be a nice touch!

Furnish Your Reading Room

Interior Design blogs from Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

Photo by life serial via Flickr

Next consider your furniture. If you’ll be using this space for the occasional work as well, decide if a desk is necessary. Then move on to the fun part! Pick at least two spaces to create your reading nooks—your comfy corners or extra plush chairs that you can settle into to lose yourself in a good book. It will be nice to have a couple of options, such as one to take advantage of your natural daylight, and another one with a nice lamp with ample light from a lamp. A couch will also be a great staple, and can be complemented with a coffee table and area rug to create a focal point in the room.

To control light in the room during the day to make sure it’s not too bright when the sun is at its highest exposure there, light-control shades from www.theshadestore.com are helpful in creating a sanctuary-like environment.

Choose a Color Scheme

Interior Design blogs from Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

Photo by nannetteturner via Flickr

The color scheme will set the tone of the room, so make your color selections accordingly. Select your room colors with one goal in mind: to be a place for sanctuary and peace, and one where you can relax and enjoy your next read. Take note of the effects colors are said to have on our psychology:

  • Red is stimulating and is said to increase circulation
  • Orange was used to heal the lungs and to increase energy levels.
  • Yellow promotes memory and nerve stimulation
  • Green promotes tranquility
  • Blue is relaxing and calming

Make sure you use a main color and at least two but no more than three accent colors that match the main color. Your main color will be on the walls and variations of it will be included on the shelves and furniture. Accent colors can go on the wall trim, area rugs, lamp shades, window shades, and curtains. Any knick-knacks you display in the reading room should also be in accent colors that complement your main color scheme.


This is a guest article by Denise Simons

Denise is an accomplished home chef with a knack for sauces, tapenades and homemade cocktail mixers.

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