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How to Transform Your Backyard with a Custom Water Feature

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Design & Trends, Outdoor Living, Variety

Water features are increasingly overtaking ponds as outdoor living becomes increasingly desirable and people look for ways to transform a garden or backyard.  Water features are particularly popular as they are considerably low maintenance. For instance, the fish in pond’s – some impartiuclarly – require looking after; unsightly netting and posts can be required to protect the fish and pondlife from predators; ponds require a lot of maintenance to ensure the water remains clean and correctly filtered for both the health of the fish and aesthetics.

The Benefits Of A Custom Water Feature

Customer water features come with plenty of benefits, primarily you can create your own unique, tranquil garden feature to fit the space you have in your garden. Creating and designing your own water feature means you can achieve your perfect style, something that simply not possible with items that are prefabricated and quick ship.

Similarly, the ability to create unique waterfalls, outside the realm of a stock standard option. There are of course many good options, manufactured from stainless steel, copper, glass and the popular stone waterfalls which will fit in many positions in the garden without looking too out place with the surroundings. A custom item, however, can be created to merge into the garden itself and not clash whatsoever. The image below is a good example of using the gardens’ natural surroundings to create a custom water fall.

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In this example, the owners have managed to use their surroundings to merge the entire piece into their existing garden decor, almost looking like it was formed naturally.

Custom Water Feature Options

The options when designing a custom water feature are many, including incorporating a rain chain, floating water walls and bubble wall designs that can hug and wrap around other structures within the garden. You can also make use of light and have ambient features such as in the image below:

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The clever use of light can illuminate the shooting water. Picture this, a great BBQ with friends and family, the water feature making a calming and tranquil noise, then once the darkness kicks in the lights come on and the real show begins. Not only it is impressive but it also brings an ambient vibe to the occasion.

Another popular custom option is “dancing water” which can work in unison with the lights. With any combination of music available, some go the extra length and opt to fit in sound systems.

There are plenty more options available, simply search on the internet for such terms as custom water feature service in your area and discuss with an expert the type of feature you would like, they will then work with you an a great design and once you’re happy, work can begin. A good rule of thumb is to enquire with a least three experts to get three quotes. It’s also a good idea to check their reviews online.

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