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How to transform your back garden

by emily

in Design & Trends

Many people think it’s okay to forget about what their back gardens look like because “no-one ever goes there” and it’s always “out of sight”. Well, that’s simply not true. No doubt you have windows all around your house, a few of which will look out onto what should be a beautiful back garden, but is only a bare area with random patches of grass and little surprises from the dogs… not okay.

It’s fairly simple to transform your back garden into an area where you will want to sit back and relax in. There’s always potential, no matter how small, to upgrade the space and make it an inviting area for all.  

Fire pit

A couple of bricks laid out and around a small area with a fire pit in the middle makes your back garden the perfect hang out in the cooler autumn and some winter evenings. A fire on the go and a cup of something warm in hand can make these evenings cosier and more enjoyable than always being stuck inside.

Fairy garden

You can even create a fairy garden at the back that will bring some life, colour and structure to your back garden. Plant some colourful flower bushes, add a few fairy lights and don’t forget about the DIY bird feeders. These few items will bring all the birds and give you a lively fairy garden. If you’d like, you can add figurines and garden statues to this flower bed to add to the mystery and wonder of it all. Make the design of your garden curved and play around with different shapes of flower beds to make it more interesting than a standard square or rectangular garden bed.

Some great flowers to plant are lavender, hyacinth, iris, tulips and blanket flowers. Lollipop trees will also be an adorable addition to your fairy garden, just make sure you maintain their lollipop shape.  

It will make a great area for children to play in and use their imaginations. Or it will be a great place for you to grab a toadstool (toadstool shaped seat that is) and quietly read a book and escape for a couple of minutes.

Water feature

All it takes is one water feature to transform a garden from nothing into something tranquil. Flowing water in a featured design of your choice is calming, beautiful and can even be done by yourself. You can also make a water feature in the form of a pond and add some fish to bring a bit more life.

Simple, elegant and your back garden will appreciate the attention.

Seating area

Your back garden isn’t asking for too much – just a visit every now and then. Buy a generous amount of timber poles and start working on outdoor seating or a full-on outdoor deck. Having a seating area will make your back garden as comfortable and fun to spend time in as your main garden.

Think of it as a getaway area and add outdoor furniture, pillows and throws for cosy cooler evenings and maybe even a hammock somewhere for sneaky afternoon naps away from the rest of the house. As soon as you add seating, the area becomes one that you will want to spend time in.  

Fancy fencing

While you have the timber poles out, replace any old sections of fencing or build a fence if you don’t already have one. Then you can have some fun with all the colours under the rainbow and add some energy through a colourful fence. Get friends and family involved and you’ll all have a reason to sit back and enjoy the view at the end of the day.

Herb garden

Don’t put away the timber poles just yet, grab a hammer and some nails and put together planter boxes for a herb garden. If you’re short on space but still want a large variety of herbs growing, simply tier your timber planter boxes and get to growing.

By having your herb garden at the back you’re protecting it from the traffic in the front garden and you will also be visiting it daily when it comes to cooking and taking care of your growing herbs. And that will motivate you to make more transformations as well.

Repurpose old items

If you aren’t sure what to place or use in the back garden to spruce it up, then look in your storage rooms, garage or unpacked moving boxes that, let’s face it, you were never planning on unpacking.

Old boots, colanders, teacups, drawers, coffee cans, watering cans, car tyres, wheelbarrows, waggons – pretty much anything can be repurposed and used as a planter container of sorts or rustic decoration for around the garden. These repurposed old items will add character and be a legitimate reason for you to keep holding onto things people have told you to throw out years ago!

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