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How to Transform An Average Home Into a Luxurious Abode

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Design & Trends, Furniture, Interior Design, Luxury is..., Variety

Is your home too average for your liking? Do you get jealous of all of the celebrity homes that you see on television? Do you wish that you could transform your property into one that will be luxurious and make you feel like royalty all the time? Well, rest assured that it is possible, no matter how big or small your house is or how large and expansive your rooms are. Continue reading for a few tips that will help you effectively and easily transform any average house into a luxurious abode that all of your friends will envy.

Start with Upgrades in the Bathroom

Few rooms in the house can cater to your luxurious requirements like your bathroom. Install a heated towel rack and other lavish heating accessories from companies like Warmrooms.co.uk, make room for candles, install a brand new shower and/or tub with a showerhead that rains the water down onto your body, and upgrade your sink so you’ll have plenty of storage with a sleek, modern design that isn’t dated.

The ultimate goal is to create a spa-like sanctuary in your own bathroom, so opt for neutral hues with pops of rich colours, like deep reds and purples, or go for lighter colours like jade green or accents of pale blue. And don’t forget to upgrade your tiles with materials like marble to really up the luxury factor.

Add Decorative Pillows in Your Bedroom

One way to quickly make your bedroom feel more like a boutique hotel is by simply adding a variety of decorative pillows of all shapes and sizes onto the bed. Make it a mix of various textures while sticking to one colour palette so that everything will match perfectly while still having a bit of diversity.

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Focus on the Outside

In addition to making upgrades on the inside of your home, you also want to make upgrades to the exterior. So revamp the siding, make improvements or repairs to your roof, if necessary, and immediately add more curb appeal with a brand new front door and some landscaping.

For the garden, consider having a luxurious in-ground pool installed, perhaps with an additional hot tub where you can relax your cares away. Get rid of bland concrete as your flooring and add pavers that add colour, texture, and artistic forms to your space. And opt for the installation of an outdoor kitchen, complete with grill and storage. You can also go for a fire pit for lounging and chatting with friends, and plenty of plush, comfortable seating.

Install a Lovely Hardwood Floor

If you already have hardwood flooring throughout your home, make it look like new by having the pros come in to clean it and properly seal it. If you don’t have hardwood installed already, consider getting rid of any carpeting that would look old and dated and replace it with any colour hardwood that you prefer to immediately bring your floors to a luxurious level.

These are just a few of the ways that you can upgrade your home and make yourself feel like royalty. What other steps can you think of to make your home more luxurious?

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