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How to tastefully add geometric décor to your home

by emily

in Design & Trends, Interior Design

Geometric shapes in interior décor have been trending for quite a while. As soon as the colour changes, it becomes a trend all over again and we’ve seen it with black and rose gold in particular.

With most décor advice, there will always be a way to overindulge in a décor style. And that’s never the right way to go about decorating your home. If you really want to appreciate the interior style your home has, you need to do it tastefully.

And geometric shapes in décor can easily become crowded and lose its stylish effect. So, if you want to decorate with geometric shapes, here are a few tips to consider.  

Consider colours and size


It’s important that you find a balance between your size and colours of geometric décor in a room. Especially if you’re using a geometric wallpaper to cover a large area of a room. Big geometric shapes in bright and bold colours all over a wall can be overwhelming and almost psychedelic which isn’t quite the look you were going for.

Once you’ve chosen your size and corresponding shapes, it’s a good idea to keep the rest of the furniture and décor simple so as not to add to the busyness or detract from the effect of your geometric wallpaper. It also works to contrast small geometric patterns with larger, solid coloured furnishings against it.   

You should also consider the size of the surface you want to cover with geometric shapes. For large bedrooms, it’s better to choose more spread-out geometric wallpapers. And if you have a small corner-area of the house that needs a décor boost, then you can choose a busier wallpaper just to draw enough attention to that part of the room.  

Choose the main piece


With geometric décor items, there should always be one main piece that the rest of the décor can accessorise around. In a living room, this could be the geometric patterned rug complemented by the geometric lantern pendant. In a bedroom, it might be the geometric wallpaper complemented by the plain, quilted bedding set.  

There will always be a centrepiece in décor but it doesn’t necessarily have to be huge or take up so much space in a room. You could have a geometric industrial metal light in the middle of the room and that light feature alone will be able to carry the room’s geometric theme. Then it becomes a matter of subtly bringing in matching geometric décor items to enhance that interior design style.    

Subtly through furnishings


The great thing about geometric patterns is that they come in every shape and line-form. This means that you don’t have to go out of your way to find an obvious geometric décor item, but can convey the theme subtly through a room’s furnishings.

Your copper base table lamp shade, window trims, the legs and base of your chairs, vases on the side tables, throw pillows, wine racks, mirror frames and glass cabinets with decorative inserts can all contribute to your geometric design.

These few and subtle furnishings placed across the same room will catch the eye without bombarding the view with geometric shapes. And you won’t easily clutter your living spaces when you choose to incorporate geometric décor through smaller furnishings as opposed to large rugs and full-scale wallpapers.

Use different materials


Another tasteful way to add geometric décor to your home is by using different materials and textures with the geometric element. Too much of one thing can be overwhelming, but by mixing it up with complementary fabrics and materials, you can create the perfectly geometrically decorated room.  

Using different décor materials in a room for any interior design style has always been a popular trend, so there’s no reason why it can’t work in the case of geometric décor too. Just imagine how beautiful your geometric industrial metal lighting fixture will look in the lounge with your geometric throw cushions and the wooden glass inserts of your TV unit.

Don’t clutter


Okay, so we’ve mentioned this a few times already but it’s important that you keep it in mind at all times. Don’t clutter a space with décor, especially geometric shapes. You’ll overwork your eyes and disturb the function of the room (nobody will be able to relax in a bedroom with hexagons, circles, triangles and squares surrounding them).

Start your geometric décor journey small, through the subtle accents we spoke about. Then you can consider adding a larger centrepiece and alternating with materials, colours and sizes.

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