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How to Secure Your Home Whilst on Holiday

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Features, Security, Variety

You may have been looking forward to your holiday for a long time.  You have packed your suitcase and double-checked that you have your guidebook, passport, and sun block to hand, but have you made sure that your home is going to be secure while you are away?  Here are some tips to make sure your home is safe while you are on holiday. 


Make sure your doors are secure before you go.  Westral provides security screens by Crimsafe, Australia’s leading provider, which offers the strongest stainless steel screen doors in the country.  No burglar wants to have to get through Crimsafe doors, so your home will be safe while you are away. Make sure that checking the locks are the last thing you do before you leave the house.  This way you will make sure that they are secure, and it will give you peace of mind while you are away if you know you have done this.


Window locks should be fitted to all windows and used while you are away.  Windows can be the most unsecured part of your home so consider your window security needs carefully.  It may sound obvious but checking the locks before you go away to make sure that there are not going to be issues on the day itself can save you time and effort, especially if you are rushing to catch a plane. 


Your neighbours can become your best friends when it comes to security, especially if they spend a lot of time at home or they have a clear view of the area between their home and yours.  They may notice any strange comings and goings or see if lights are on when they shouldn’t be.  Make friends with your neighbours if you haven’t already and let someone you trust know if you are going to be away on holiday, so they can keep a look out for anything unusual.

Neighbourhood Watch Australasia (NHWA) is a scheme that has been set up to create safer, connected, and inclusive communities. They encourage people to work together with the police and community to stop crime and reduce the fear of crime.  See if there is a scheme in your neighbourhood that you could join.  If not, the organisation offers a lot of information about how to set one up and you might be glad that you did. 

Security Lights

Set up some security lights in the areas around your house that are dark at night.  If you have a dark garden or corner that a burglar can’t be seen in, then this may encourage them to break in.  A security light will dissuade them from attempting your property for fear of being seen by the neighbours. 

These are some ideas to make sure that your home is secure when you are away on holiday.  Follow this guide to make sure you don’t have any nasty home security surprises to come home to. 

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