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How to revamp your small garden

by emily

in Variety

Having a small garden does not mean that it has to be dull and dreary. You can have a stunning space to spend time in and relax despite its size. If you incorporate elements such as garden edgings, planter boxes, garden bridges and archways in your garden makeover you will find that it can be transformed into an oasis of calm away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

If you are planning to revamp your garden you can follow some simple tips. It does not have to be a difficult or involved process, but you can truly create the garden of your dreams. By adding some simple design elements you can have an eclectic garden to relax in or a modern and chic space to entertain your guests in. So, if you are looking into revamping your small garden, you can keep reading for some top tips.

Plant a vertical garden

If you cannot fit a garden bed in your small yard, you can look into installing a vertical garden. A vertical garden can use planter boxes that are attached to a wooden fence, or you could look into a trellis to plant a creeper around, such as tomatoes or even guavas.

This will allow you to have plants blooming in your yard without taking up too much valuable space. You can place the trellis or planter boxes near your seating area for easy access to herbs and plants. You could look into planting some edible flowers to pluck and decorate your summer salads with if you are braaing outside. Be sure that whatever option you choose, it is secured properly to the wall or structure you choose.

Use garden borders

If you have existing garden beds, you can style these and transform the space by using wooden garden borders to keep the flower beds neat, tidy, and looking unique. You can keep them natural and rustic to enhance the look of your garden, or you could paint them white or black for a modern look.

Garden borders can be short or tall, depending on the aesthetic you are looking for. And you can choose different types of wood, such as a dark stained pine or a treated and natural option. You could even opt for bamboo edging materials as these are hardy and provide a zen-like atmosphere. You will need to size these borders correctly so that they maintain your garden’s aesthetic.

Install some shelving

Having shelving in your small garden can help to store items such as gardening tools, compost, gardening gloves and even small potted plants. These shelves can be wooden or even metal, but be sure to treat either material so that it can withstand the elements and will not become damaged by the weather.

The shelving should be installed so it is sturdy and will not buckle under any weight. You can paint it in a fun and bright colour or you could leave it plain and rustic depending on your garden atmosphere. If you want to spruce it up you can install twinkle lights underneath the shelving for a pretty but simple display for evening garden parties. If you are using metal, be sure to use a rust-proofing chemical to maintain them for years to come.

Let the light in

Using light strategically can make a small garden look and feel larger and more spacious. For example, you could install solar lights behind some neatly cut shrubs so that in the evening they are backlit, creating the illusion of space. Or you could use twinkle lights and wrap them in the branches of a tree for an ethereal evening look.

Ensure that all lights that you choose can be used outside and will not be damaged by rain or other elements. You could invest in wall lights to place on your walls that add a warm glow to your flower beds. It is best to opt for warm white lighting for a rustic look, as this will complement the warm tones of the wood but a cool white is ideal for a sleek and modern garden, especially to maintain the minimalist look.

What about white?

Now, you might not think of “white paint” and “garden” in the same breath, but this light and airy colour can work wonders in a small space. If you have a deck or wooden fencing in your yard, you can paint these in a bright white or an off-white in order to make the area seem larger and more spacious.

Be sure that you keep the white paint as clean as possible so as not to spoil the aesthetic. You can further the illusion of space by painting your garden furniture white to match the walls. Add in pops of colour with brightly patterned cushions or potted plants dotted around. Paring white walls with twinkle lights will make for a romantic and whimsical garden, meaning that it is party-ready whenever you are.

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