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How to reduce housework

by emily

in Lifestyle

Housework is not something busy people want to spend time on. After a whole day of work, the last thing you want to do is clean the kitchen or bathroom. The problem is these areas aren’t going to clean themselves. And, it’s far worse to enter a completely dirty home than spend about an hour cleaning.

But we can still find ways to reduce these chores. This should mitigate the stress and the actual chore itself, meaning we can have more quality time for ourselves.

Smart Technology

One major issue is simple in hindsight: the ability to start certain machines or activate them remotely. With Smart technology devices you can. These are appliances connected via WiFi to a network, which lets you operate them via apps. For example, Samsung offers this feature with many of their latest devices, letting you control everything from TV to washing machines. Start a cycle remotely, meaning it’s done and ready when you get home. Activate an oven – whether this means built in ovens which are electric or gas – timing it so the oven is heated by the time you arrive home, ready to make supper.

Being able to control devices from a distance can do wonders to help manage your time.

Don’t clean on the weekends

One key way to take back your life from chores is to make your weekend chore-less. Be More With Less offers ways to tackle this. To start, begin decluttering as you go, packing up immediately after using whatever it might be. For example, instead of letting cups pile up, give them a quick rinse and let them drain. Starting here, you can begin a series of interventions which can become habits. This is, ideally what you want: turning chores into everyday habits. By doing so, you’re not even thinking about it as a chore, so much as a necessary activity operating on autopilot.

Shop during off-peak times

Office hours tend to be similar. This means everyone will be shopping after work, making parking harder and queues longer. You’ll also have a harder time acquiring items, especially if you’re looking for something specific. You might find it harder to get assistance, due to how full shops will be.

Reduce your kitchen mess

One key way we mess up our house is with extensive cooking mess. With preparing food and cooking it, we tend to leave our kitchen in a state of disaster. There are several ways we can reduce it. First is to implement our immediate tidy up rule, as we noted. This means as soon as we’re done with an item we clean it – be it a pan or cutlery. Otherwise, invest in pots that clean easily or cook smaller portions. You can use it as an opportunity to work on your health intake, too. Immediately throw away parts you don’t need, wipe down surfaces and try as best you can to leave the kitchen in its original state as much as possible.

In this way you can reduce the burden of housework, making your home about relaxation not more work.

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