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How to prevent Frozen Pipes this coming winter?

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in How to, Lifestyle, Variety

You know the drill, the temperature starts to drop, your summer clothes go away and the heating comes on. It’s then you know that winter is here or fast approaching.

When the temperature drops enough you may start to experience frozen pipes. You may think that this is not an issue that will affect you but there are thousands of call-outs every yearto deal with this very issue.

You pipes can freeze as soon as the temperature drops to 20°For lower. That happens far more often than you think or would like.

That’s why it’s important to act now to prevent this happening to you.

Add a Pump

Take a look at the pumps that Truflo have to offer. You’ll be able to fit one of these into your water system and set it to run constantly at a very low flow rate. This is the same principle as leaving your tap on but with better control over the water being used.

Because the water is constantly moving in your pipes it is less likely to freeze.

Frozen pipe


Any pipe that is exposed, especially where it runs above ground, is at risk of freezing. These are the most vulnerable pipes and need to be insulated to help protect them.

Of course if a pipe bursts outside your home then you’re just dealing with a water leak. If t bursts inside then it could cause a lot of damage.

You need to verify that the insulation in your house is good and all pipes are covered.

Shut Off Valve

This won’t prevent freezing but it is important to know exactly where it is. If you have an issue you’ll need to switch this valve off quickly. Knowing where it is will help.

Get An Alarm

If you have areas of your home that are likely to leak or freeze then you need to install alarm systems. These will alert you to dampness and temperature drops. If this is inside your home then you’ll be able to add heating to the area and hopefully stop your pipes from bursting.

Battery operated ones are best as they will keep going even when the power is down.

Drain Pipes

Any pipes which are not going to be used, such as your hosepipe, sprinkler or pool supply should be drained. This will stop the pipes from freezing as there is no water in them. But, it will also help to prevent the frozen pipes affecting your main water pipes and causing them to freeze by association.

Open Cupboards

The temperature in your cupboards is often different to the temperature in the rest of your home. You may think that your pipes are safe because your home is heated but to make sure the pipes are being kept warm open the cupboard doors; allowing the warm air in your house to reach the pipes.

Dealing With Frozen Pipes

If your pipes do freeze then you can use a hair dryer to defrost them. You’ll need to leave your faucet open. If this doesn’t provide a trickle within a few minutes you’ll need to shut off the supply and contact your plumber.


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