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How to present your bathroom when guests come over

by emily

in Lifestyle

Whether you only have guests over for one night or for a couple of nights, your bathroom (or the one they will be using) needs to be presentable. More than that, it needs to be prepared to welcome your guests as they are extremely likely to be making use of it.

It’s never a comfortable or pleasing experience when you stay over at a friend or family member’s house and their bathroom – a place that’s supposed to be one of personal hygiene – is a mess. It’s common courtesy and plain old good manners to go out of your way and accommodate your guests, even if they insist that you don’t.


Before they arrive, you need to give the bathroom a solid cleaning and keep it as a no-go zone for the other house members, so that when your guests arrive, it’s in tip-top shape. And we’re talking about a cleaning-tiles-with-a-toothbrush kind of cleaning. Start with the toilet, give it a good scrub, wipe down and some liquid to make it smell good. Then you can move over to the shower or bath. Clear the drain, wipe the glass doors, clean the walls, as well as the shower caddy.

Declutter the shower of half-empty bottles, razors, special body scrubs and used loofahs. Actually, while you’re at it, declutter the entire bathroom of unnecessary or personal products that can be temporarily relocated to bedrooms, spare bathrooms and drawers. Clean the toothbrush holder, the soap dispenser and the sink. And before you think you’re done, don’t forget about the floors.

When you’re satisfied that everything is sparkling and disinfected, you can move onto the next few steps.

Toilet paper

Running out of toilet paper is a moment of complete and utter dismay. Don’t put your guests through that kind of anxiety and embarrassment. Make sure you buy a pack of toilet paper that you place in a visible drawer or container in the bathroom. Don’t let them sit there and frantically turn your bathroom upside down trying to find the next roll of toilet paper.

One on the toilet roll dispenser, three on the toilet roll holder just behind the toilet and one on top of the toilet next to the flusher. If they start running low on toilet paper, they should let you know, at which point you can show them the toilet-roll reserves waiting for them in the bathroom drawer.

Air freshener  

Most of the time the bathroom your guests will be using is also the main bathroom in the house. So, it could easily get a little bit uncomfortable should odours begin to be a problem. This can be avoided by making sure there is some sort of toilet spray or automatic air freshener to keep the bathroom smelling fresh and your guests more comfortable.

Trash can  

No one needs to give you a list of things that get used and thrown away in a bathroom. Just make sure that you offer your guests a trash can with a lid in their bathroom. There’s nothing worse than having to carry out your rubbish from the bathroom, through the house, just to throw it away.

It only needs to be a small one in the corner of the bathroom. And there are plenty of neutral coloured trash cans that can suit your bathroom colour scheme.

Fresh everything

When you did your big bathroom clean, you should have removed all bath and hand towels, shower curtains and bath mats as well. You should have cleaned or replaced them all for your guests. Everything needs to be fresh.

Your guests won’t always expect you to lay out fresh towels on their bed or in their bathroom, but it’s a small gesture that will be appreciated. And there’s nothing better than jumping out of a shower and being wrapped up in a fresh, newly washed and dried, towel.

The same goes for your bathroom sets. Everything in your bathroom set from the toilet-seat cover to the bathroom mats need to be cleaned before being put back in the bathroom. One of the worst feelings when getting out of the shower is stepping onto a soggy, water-stained mat or picking up a damp towel. Do your guests a favour and keep your bathroom linens fresh.

The basic amenities

And if you want to be the ultimate host for your stay-over guests, you’ll be sure to supply the basic amenities that people generally leave behind or forget to bring. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, body lotion, a new loofah, spare toothbrushes (new, obviously) and toothpaste.

They likely won’t need to use them, but knowing that the option is there is extremely thoughtful. Also, we all have that one person in our lives who always asks to borrow our toothpaste. This goes out to them.

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