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How to Prepare Your Home for Last-Minute Guests (Infographic)

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Design & Trends, Infographic, Lifestyle, Variety

Picture the scene: you’ve made plans to go out in the evening and are sat relaxing at home when suddenly, the phone rings, and your friends say there’s been a change of plans – they’ll be coming over within the next half-hour. Now you find yourself running around in a panic, tearing your hair out (figuratively, if not literally) as you try to get the place looking clean and tidy with no real idea of where to start.
Fortunately help is at hand in this new infographic from Wimdu, Europe’s biggest peer-to-peer apartment rental service, which shows you to how to transform your house or apartment in just a few hours. Just follow the guide below to setting up your place in a jiffy with just a few simple steps- from stocking-up the fridge to mood lighting, all of which will help you turn your place from a cluttered pig-sty into a cosy, welcoming home your friends won’t want to leave.

How to Prepare Your Home for Last-Minute Guests - An Infographic from Wimdu Blog

Embedded from Wimdu Blog

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