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How to pick the perfect picnic table for your yard

by emily

in How to, Lifestyle

Picnics are popular with people of all ages. You pack a delicious lunch, filled with unique snacks and drinks, head off into the outdoors and find the perfect spot to spend the afternoon with your family. But, sometimes, you want to have this same type of experience in the comfort of your own garden and for this you will need to have a pinic table and benches to match.  

It can be tricky to know what type of picnic bench and wooden picnic tables to choose, as there are so many options to choose from. You will have to consider the size of your yard before you go off and look for stunning picnic benches for sale, as the table and benches will have to fit correctly into your yard. Below are some top tips on choosing a picnic table for your yard.

Make the right material choice

Picnic tables and benches come in an array of materials. These include wood, metal and recycled plastic. You will need to look at these options and choose one that best suits your needs. Wood is a good all-around choice as it can withstand harsh weather and is easily treated against the elements.

If you live in a particularly humid area, you will need to consider that metal might become rusted after a while due to the moisture in the air. Wood can withstand this, but you will need to treat it regularly to maintain it. Be sure that anything you choose is completely waterproof too. You should also think about how you want your yard to look. If your home’s interior is modern, then you will need to continue this theme with your outdoor furniture.

Think about the size

The size of the picnic table and attached benches is important because you need it to fit comfortably into your yard. You can choose between six, eight and even twelve-seater tables, all of which are perfect for differently sized yards. You can base the decision on how many people are in your family and how many guests you might be having over for a picnic or braai.

The standard shape of a picnic table and bench patio furniture combination is usually rectangular, which does allow for more space per person on the seats. However, if you have a smaller yard, a round table might fit perfectly into a corner or under a tree. You should measure the area where you will be placing the table so that you can choose a table accurately and without any guessing.

Consider the colour

To make your garden really pop, you could choose a picnic table and benches in a bright and funky colour. For example, instead of choosing the usual brown or mahogany wooden table-and-bench combination you could paint it in pastel colours for a year-long spring-time feel. Or you could choose a bright colour such as red or blue for visual interest.

For those who prefer the more rustic, natural look, you can keep your picnic table simple and only apply a coat of varnish to it for outdoor protection. Plain wooden tables and chairs can be absolutely stunning when they are well-cared-for, so be sure to seal and clean them regularly. Ask your local store that sells paint for some tips. Brightly coloured furniture will have to get a new coat of paint at least once a year to keep them looking vibrant and like-new, but this is a simple process and is well worth the effort.

Add on accessories

Once you have chosen the right size, shape and colour for your picnic table, you can look into adding accessories. For example, you could look into adding an umbrella to be placed through the hole in the centre of your table, or you could tie cushions to the benches to make them more comfortable.

The accessories can also be decorative, such as small potted succulents placed in the centre of the table or wrapping the legs of the table in fairy lights for a festive aesthetic. The accessories should also be weatherproofed to ensure that they are not damaged by being outside all day. You can look for an umbrella made from aluminium and canvas, making sure to close it up every night. And if you will be using cushions, be sure to store them inside or in a storage shed every evening so they do not become mouldy or wet.

Perfect picnics

Picnicking with your family and friends is a nostalgic and exciting activity. And if you have a picnic table with benches in your own yard, you can have a picnic whenever you feel like it.

Be sure to look for the right material for your needs, and always measure your space first before buying anything. Choose a colour that blends well with the rest of your aesthetic and add some fun accessories to make for a fun and funky picnic area.

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