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How to Move Home Without Stress

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Features, Lifestyle, Moving Home, Variety

Every relationship goes through various tests along the way, from meeting the parents to moving in together for the first time, but if you truly want to test the strength of your relationship, try moving home.

Whether you have been married for 18 months or 18 years, the stress and frustration that comes with moving house can cause major arguments and be a painful experience if you don’t do it right. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how you can make moving home as pleasant an experience as possible for both of you.

Set Yourselves Individual Tasks

Create a moving home checklist of everything that you need to do, starting in priority order, from paying and switching bills to heavy lifting, and spread those jobs evenly amongst yourselves. This way, you will both have things to get on with, and there’ll be no awkward moments where one of you is sitting around having a tea break while the other is trying to move a wardrobe on their own. You’ll get a nice sense of accomplishment from each task completed, which you can celebrate together as you get the jobs done. It’s all about keeping positive in a stressful environment.

Empty One Room at a Time

Organization will prevent you from letting things get on top of you, and by packing up and emptying one room at a time, you won’t have that sinking feeling you get by having lots of rooms half completed, which will make it look a lot worse than it actually is. By going through a room at a time, you start a countdown to when you only have one room left, and you’ll feel a lot better about everything.


Keep on Top of Your Admin

On the day of your move, all you’ll want to do is load a van and unload a van. Therefore, in the run-up to moving day, you need to keep on top of all your admin. From paying bills, organizing everything with the estate agent so you can pick up your keys and move straight in, and changing your old address for banks, bills, you can put all of the paperwork to the back of your mind until you’re moved in.

Get Somebody Else To Move You

Whether you’ve got friends and family on board or you’ve hired a reliable moving company such as Suddath Movers, getting people in to help you move home will take a lot of the stress of the move from your shoulders. It will give you the breathing space you need to concentrate on other factors, such as collecting keys, keeping in contact with your estate agent, and more.

Enjoy the Moment

Moving home can be a 100mph whirlwind, and there is virtually no time to enjoy the moment. However, enjoying it is really important, as it’s the end of an era. You’ll want to savor that, either by walking through your empty house and taking photos to remember it by and during the packing process, where you’re likely to find old photo albums and other nostalgic items. If you’ve planned your move effectively, you’ll have more time to enjoy these moments and have a far less stressful moving process as a result.

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