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How to make your home seem more welcoming

by emily

in Design & Trends, Lifestyle

Are you hosting guests from out of town for a few days? If so, it’s important to create an environment that makes your guests feel welcome and comfortable. Nowadays, etiquette is all about making people feel comfortable and at home. You should do your best to make room for family and friends who needs a pillow to rest their head for a few days.

Having guests over can be stressful, especially during the holiday season. But it doesn’t have to be a pain, it can actually be something to look forward to. And with a bit of planning and care, it’s possible to be the ‘host with the most’. Factors playing a part when it comes to hosting include regular communication, preparation and going the extra mile. It’s important that you know how long your guests will stay in order to plan and prepare effectively.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to go completely overboard when you have guests. You should do just enough to make sure your guests feel they fit in with their new environment. Having guests in your home is so much fun but it can be tedious too. So you have to keep in mind some common, simple pointers to make the guests feel welcomed.

Here are a few ways to make guests feel welcome and at home.

Prepare early

A few days before your guests arrive, you should spend some time in the guest room. Check whether there are enough blankets and pillows. You should take out your luxury bedding sets and put them on the bed. Most guests are too polite to complain, so it’s best to make sure there won’t be any issues.

Little touches in the bedroom and the rest of your home can go a long way in making even not-so-nice spaces a bit more welcoming. A vase of fresh flowers on the dresser, a welcome note and putting necessary bathroom essentials on the bed are just some of the things you could do to make them feel more welcome. And none of these things take a lot of time or money but they let your guest know you’ve been expecting them.

Anticipate their needs

It’s important to ensure your guests have everything they might need. Put yourself in their shoes and think of what you need when spending a few nights at someone else. Make sure there’s an alarm clock, tissues and a rubbish bin in the guest room. Towels and wash clothes should also be in the room where guests can see it. Or make sure they know where to find these things and where to put it when they’re done. Collect body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. and put them in a basket in the guest room. Guests are likely to bring their own bathroom essentials but it’s always best to have extra for just in case. If you have WiFi in your home, give them the password on their arrival.

Communication is key

It’ll be easier for both you and your guests if you can clearly communicate your expectations. Try to find out what time they usually have their daily meals. And whether they’re allergic to anything. If you’ve made any specific plans while they’re staying over, you should let them know so if they want to come along, they’re aware of it. Find out what they expect while with you. Are there any places they would like to visit? Or things that they need to do? It’s crucial for you to know these things in order to be prepared for their visit.

Keep things clean and tidy

You don’t necessarily have to keep your house spotless while hosting guests. You’ll spend time in your house before their arrival, so it’s not an issue if there’s a little bit of dirt. Besides, if you have kids then it’s likely impossible to keep your house spotless at all times. But you do want your home to be welcoming and comfortable. Before guests arrive, take a quick walk through the main living areas and make sure that everything is in place. If needed, grab a broom or vacuum and get rid of the worst of the dirt. Make sure there aren’t any bad smells in the air. You can make use of Airoma’s Essence Range to bring a fresh smell in your home. As mentioned earlier, a fresh bunch of flowers will also give that welcoming effect.

More than anything, you should try to relax and enjoy your guests. If you follow these four tips, you won’t have anything to stress about. And accept that no matter how hard you try, not everything will be perfect and go according to plan. Remain calm, smile, laugh and keep focused on enjoying your guests. Remember, if you’re relaxed and calm, your guests most likely will be so too.

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