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How to make your home look expensive

by emily

in Variety

Everyone wants a swanky home that makes them the talk of the town. Of course, not everyone can afford this. But a home described as tres chic is not necessarily a home that has to cost an inordinate amount of money. Often times a beautiful abode boils down to planning and a couple of clever tricks. No matter your personal style or taste in home decor, you will be able to achieve the look you’re after by making some clever decisions.


You see, there are ways to fake the fancy stuff


Many home decorators and retail outlets have recognised that sometimes the person who dreams of owning a farmhouse cannot afford a farmhouse. Living in a highrise apartment when you want a country cottage can be painful. But turning your interior into something you feel proud of and happy to reside in is possible.


Of course, you need some kind of budget


Planning how you are willing to spend your money is smart. Choose the rooms you’d like to redecorate or work through your home room by room and make the necessary changes over a small period of time. This is a long game, but this is how you’ll have enough time to save your money. Plus taking your time with a specific revamping project means you’ll be able to place your focus on one area until it’s exactly right before moving on. A major revamp of your entire space will require a fairly big outlay of cash and will cost you time as well. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Take the same approach to redecorating your home.


Make sure you have a clear idea of the style you’re after


You could create a Pinterest board which showcases exactly the items you need in your home to meet your style requirements. Alternatively, create a scrapbook with cuttings of what you like and want in your space. Then shop with these mood boards in mind. Make a list of what you’re looking for and then begin the hunt. And let it be a bargain hunt. Look online and make price comparisons of everything you can find so that you’re sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.


You can also start small


Purchasing some basics, in the beginning, can make a world of difference rather than buying everything all in one go. Also, many people decide to decorate because their place is cluttered. So before buying more stuff, do a purge of the stuff you no longer want. And then consider the things you decide to keep and find out where you can put them that they don’t look like clutter. Shelving is often the missing element in people’s homes.


Whether you want a homely looking bookshelf of a couple of floating shelves for a modern feel, they’re pretty much a staple and clear up the clutter almost instantly.


Buy the little things in bulk


A fine example of something small that makes a world of difference is a frame. Framed art, photographs, postcards, your kid’s drawings all look great in a home. So buy your frames in bulk and create some kind of art feature in your home. You could create a feature wall with a variety of different frames, in different sizes or you could simply scatter the frames throughout your home. Don’t be afraid of showcasing this type of artwork. It’s intentional, it’s meaningful and it’s colourful. And in the most modern of homes, framed items can look fantastic.


Give everything a home


You can have a lot of things in your home. You can have busy areas in your home. And if you’re a parent, you’ll know this is basically unavoidable with children in the home. But you can give everything a home and a place to be so that when everyone tidies up their mess things look like they’ve been intentionally placed where they should be.

Distract your visitors by displaying meaningful feature pieces


If your home is full of fascinating pieces that mean something to you, there’s a very good chance that your guests will be too busy asking you about the stories behind them to notice that your textiles are frayed or your furniture is banged up.


If you are desperate to replace tatty old furniture or you urgently need to buy something for you home, then you can always look to a premium retailer who offers an account option. Online retailers such as Homechoice offer a robust catalogue of furniture and home goods that you can pay off in monthly instalments. Of course, new furniture in your home will immediately give the space a revamp.

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