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How to Make your Bedroom Look More Mature

by emily

in Design & Trends, How to, Variety

bedroomThere comes a time in our lives when we want our bedrooms look that little bit more grown up. That time comes quite soon after wrapping up studying and working our first jobs. There’s just something about paying that first rent cheque which inspires us to take a little more pride in our homes.

When you’re studying, you tend not to notice the old bed sheet tacked to the wall as a curtain. You don’t see the pile of empty beer cans being used as a table. Sleeping on the floor on a futon isn’t a big deal. But when you’re in your first real space which you can call your own, these will matter.

Choose your colours

Your college dorm room didn’t have a colour scheme. It embraced every colour, tone and texture thrown at it. A mature space, on the other hand, uses only a few colours. Your most pressing decision is to choose a wall colour. If you’re renting you may not be able to paint the walls. But even the most grouchy landlord can’t prevent you from giving the walls a fresh coat of paint. Once your walls are looking clean and refreshed, choose your best, most coordinated furniture pieces. These do not have to match – you don’t want the room to look like a store catalogue, after all, but your furniture pieces should look like they belong in the same space. Your best bet is to stick to neutrals and allow accent pieces to provide colour.

Decorate those walls

Nothing says young and inexperienced like old movie posters, faded and torn at the edges. Choose a large mirror, which will instantly make the space appear larger, and hang it opposite a window to reflect the light. Personalised artworks, like prints and photos, can hang on other walls, provided they are attractively framed. No sticky tape or prestik on your new, mature walls.

Buy the best possible bed

Once you’re at this point in your life, you are far too old to be sleeping on a mattress or futon. Go to a bed store and test the mattresses. Find out if you are someone who like a firm or soft mattress, find out if you like the feeling of a pillow top. Also, buy the biggest size possible. Nothing says luxury like stretching out on a king-size bed every evening. After your gloriously large and comfortable bed makes its way into your home, choose the best bed linen you can afford. The higher the thread count, the better.

Just these small changes can instantly make your bedroom feel more mature. Don’t hesitate to let your home match your age.

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