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How to make your bathroom appear bigger

by emily

in Design & Trends

makUnless you live in a modern home with a luxurious bath and dressing room, you probably wish your bathroom were bigger. A small bathroom can feel cosy and intimate. But it can also sometimes feel claustrophobic and depressing. It doesn’t matter how you style the space, it’ll still be a small bathroom. But with a bit of visual magic, such as changing the colour of the wall paint and choosing the correct lighting, you can transform your small bathroom into a cosy retreat. Depending on your decorating style, you could create a quiet and sophisticated or charming and sparkling bathroom. Your small bathroom can be designed to look and function in a way that suits you. You need to familiarise yourself with a few tricks.

Every bathroom has to meet specific needs and thus should include the basics, such as a sink and faucet, shower and toilet. No matter how small the space, these things need to be there. Here are a few ways to make your small bathroom appear bigger.

Paint the ceiling and walls the same colours

You should paint the ceiling and walls the same colours. Specifically if your ceiling is angled or has some oddly shaped low areas. If you paint the walls and ceiling a unifying colour, it’ll make those unusual shapes disappear and the space will visually expand. It also cuts down on the number of transitions and planes intersecting. And therefore creating a cleaner, more expansive space in the bathroom. On a flat ceiling, you may go one shade lighter because ceilings usually read a bit darker than the walls. But it’ll give the same effect.

Go big on the mirrors

There’s nothing that makes the bathroom feel and look bigger than a plastic mirror that reaches to the ceiling. It can be framed out in wood or tile. Opt for a tall, expansive mirror with lighting installed on top of it. This will double the light’s impact and make the space grow. Something you shouldn’t do is to use double mirrors over the sinks. It’ll chop up the space. The mirror will reflect all the light in the room and pick up the colour and pattern.

Cut back anything that sticks out

If possible, remove wall shelves, hanging racks or decorative accessories on the walls. Remove those that appear to take up space in the room and make it look smaller. You might need some of the pieces for comfort and convenience but if the room feels bigger without them consider buying other bathroom sets that will expand the space.

Get rid of any visual obstructions

You could trade a frosted-glass bath or shower door with a clear glass one. Or completely get rid of the door and install a shower curtain that can be pushed back to one side when not in use. That way you’ll be able to see all the way to the back wall.

Add depth to the walls

If you have an artistic flair or a friend who does why don’t you consider stencilling a decorative mural on the largest open wall? You could even create a focal wall in the bathroom. If you’re really keen on hanging a piece of art in the bathroom, then consider something looking out onto a garden or beautiful horizon. These can all help to expand the look of your bathroom space. Any piece of art that shows the outdoor can help to make the look and feel seem bigger in any room.

Make sure the floor tiles continue into the shower

Covering your small bathroom’s floor with a single, continuous tile design, is one of the easiest and effective ways to trick the human eye into seeing a larger space. If you section the bathroom off with different patterns and tones, it can make the small space feel even smaller and more crowded. So instead you should have the floor tile repeated across the floor and even have it continue up the shower wall so it gives the illusion of a bigger space.

Build any shelving into the walls

Many small bathrooms have wasted space beyond their walls. So if you want to make your small bathroom look bigger, install open, built-in shelves set into the wall. This type of storage design is seamless as opposed to the shelving sticking out as a separate piece of furniture. The built-in shelves should be painted the same colour as the walls for uninterrupted design and flow. Bear this in mind for the next time you want to hang bulky shelves above the toilet..

Just because you have a small bathroom doesn’t mean it has to be dull. It can be a warm, cosy and inviting retreat which shows off your sense of colour and style. These decorating techniques are likely to work in any room of your home but especially in a bathroom. It’ll help to provide the illusion of expanding your small space without adding a single square foot.

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