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How to Make Sure Your Viewing Days are Successful when Selling Your Property

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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When selling your property, it comes to making sure your viewing days go well, so it pays to know a few tricks of the  trade. After all, let’s face it, selling a home is a lot like romance; everything works out better if you set the mood. It’s just important to make sure that your dating ‘experience’ is a good one!  Here are some tips on how you could impress your potential buyers:

Kerb Appeal

The exterior of your home is one of the first things potential home buyers will see so you need to make sure it sets the right impression. One way of doing this is to stand outside and look for things that might deter someone from putting an offer in on your property. For example, does your entry door need to be replaced? Does the exterior need to be painted? Is your yard full of weeds (this goes for the backyard as well)? You’d be surprised how much you can improve the “kerb appeal” of your home by doing straight forward things like trimming the hedge and painting the walls. It’s also a great idea to plant some pretty flowers or fill attractive pots with plants and place them strategically on your porch.  Also good for a quick pick-me-up is to replace the street address numbers with more elegant ones (it may sound strange but it works!)

Make Sure the Flooring Looks Good

Whether you have hardwood flooring or carpets in your home, your flooring needs to be clean and presentable. If you have carpets, have them professionally cleaned. If you have hardwoods, do whatever it takes get them looking nice, with a rich finish if at all possible. Adding a splash of colour or style with a nice rug is always helpful too.

English: Tigerwood flooring from Brazil, offer... English: Tigerwood flooring from Brazil, offered as both Prefinished and Unfinished (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Get Your Kitchen Spruced Up

Besides having it cleaned spick and span (no dishes in the sink please), there are a lot of small things you can do that will spruce up a kitchen, including installing stylish cabinet knobs and drawer pulls if applicable; for a quick and easy makeover. You can also brighten up the kitchen with lighting both above and under cabinet fixtures. If your kitchen appliances are outdated, you may want to consider purchasing new ones; if not, just make sure they’re clean.  A pretty bouquet of flowers placed in prime position in the kitchen won’t hurt either.

Modern kitchen Modern kitchen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Living Room Makeover

For an instant and budget-friendly living room makeover, give the room a fresh coat of paint and go with a neutral colour; you don’t want to drive away home buyers with a bright green or pink wall! Make an effort to make other changes that you feel would make the room more appealing, whether it’s a new ceiling fan; mantelpiece; window treatments, etc.

Silk rugs Silk rugs (Photo credits: PB Teen)

Refresh the Bedroom

You can refresh the appeal of the bedrooms by adding attractive bedspreads; mirrors; some attractive window treatments; replace the door if necessary and, as always, a fresh coat of paint always helps.

Rejuvenate the Bathroom

Freshening up the overall appeal of the bathroom could be as simple as replacing toilet paper holders; towel rings; hanging some nice fluffy towels; luxury soaps or pleasant-smelling hand wash. Also, be sure to close all the toilet lids and toss out or pack up toilet seat covers if you are using them (because they’re outdated). As well as this, you can remove any bathroom rugs and leave the floors bare (and clean).

Get Rid of Dodgy Items (and be Ruthless)

If you have anything in your home that could be regarded as the least bit questionable (like mounted deer heads, massive portraits of yourself on the bedroom ceiling etc), make sure you take them down. A lot of estate agents even recommend that you clear out personal items like family photos. Just take the time to work your way through the house with a discerning eye – and try to be objective!


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