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How to keep your customers coming back to your B&B

by emily

in Money & Business

As a B&B owner, it’s important to give existing and new customers the exact same treatment. It’s one thing attracting people to your establishment but keeping them coming back for more requires excellent service and an even better marketing strategy. If you want to turn your customers into fans, you need to commit to your guests and constantly show them the best experience you have to offer.

Here are a few ways in which you can improve your customer experience:

  • Always aim to exceed expectations

First impressions last, but you need to keep repeating the experience in order to keep customers coming back for more. Often customers have a wonderful first experience, but the minute they return, they start to feel disappointed in the establishment’s offerings. Whether you deem good customer service to be through professional front-of-house communication or efficient room service, it’s up to you to show that to your guests. Make sure your management team invests in new equipment and furniture often to keep updating the space you welcome your guests into. For example, make an effort to rotate and change the style of your bed quilts every month to show guests that you care about their needs and want them to unwind in comfort.  

Be it for return or new customers, you need to show them, based on your breakfast buffet, bedroom layout and luxurious quilted bedding, that you’re going above and beyond to keep your customers happy and comfortable in every area of their stay. Another way to keep customers involved in your business is to keep updating your social media platforms and website with professional imagery. After all, it’s up to you to market your B&B and to show your customers exactly what you can offer them.

  • Create personal relationships with your guests

Whether you believe it or not, customers appreciate a personalised experience. When establishments remember their customers, it makes them feel welcome and cared for. The more customer interaction your staff have with your guests, the more they will learn to trust your business. Creating connections like these will lead to customer loyalty and the want for them to visit again. Should your guests need any assistance, show sincere interest and take the time to guide them where necessary.

  • Let your guests know that you’re happy with them

Rating your guests is a smart way to build a relationship and to make them feel special. Many local or international guests would love to know how you felt about their stay, so make it your mission to connect with them over social media or email, and tell them how happy you are with them.

  • Give a present when your guests leave

Whether you choose to leave your guests a gift on the bed when they arrive or at the door on their departure, make an effort to thank your guests for their stay. When you create something for them to remember you by, they’re likely to return. Make sure that your gift includes something unique about your B&B so that every time they look at it, they will remember your establishment.  

  • Offer a loyalty programme for your regular visitors

Loyalty programmes are advantageous because they don’t necessarily give customers discounts, but they do encourage customers to keep returning to your establishment. One of the best ways to engage these individuals is by upgrading their room and offering them a variety of on-the-house treatments. Loyal customers should be treated to a five-star bedroom, service and dining experience. From the bed size and quilt (which can be picked from a variety of quilted bedspreads in South Africa) to the bathroom and the bedroom’s amenities, there are various ways to improve your loyalty perks.

  • Align your marketing strategy with your goals

When it comes to hotels and B&Bs you cannot simply sit back and think that you’re going to increase your customer base or walk-in rate without making a concerted effort to market your establishment. With online mediums, it’s much easier to make a good impression if you’re connecting with your guests and keeping the communication channels open at all times. Every now and then, you should post a competition or special promotion onto your website or social media channels. Also, because B&Bs are usually more intimate than large hotels or guest houses, try and keep your social pages personal: a reflection of your business. By doing so, you will be able to stand out and hopefully encourage your customers to stay over at your establishment whenever they’re in the area. Constant social interaction will also shine a positive light on your business.

Final words

As you can see, customer experience is a hot topic for each and every industry. Whether you choose to zone in on the face-to-face service you offer your customers or more on the experience you provide to them, it’s important to maintain and improve every relationship you have with your customers. You cannot forget about them after one stay. Keep communicating with existing customers while attracting new ones.

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