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How to Keep Your Bathroom Always Looking and Smelling Fresh

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Design & Trends, Features, How to, Variety

If there’s any place in the house that should always be neat and clutter-free, it should be your bathroom. Considering the nature of the space and the amenities it offers, it’s easy for all sorts of grossness to accumulate in the area. Regular cleaning and proper maintenance should be practiced in the bathroom. 

But other factors, such as the lighting and color palette, also help set the appearance and vibe of your bathroom. If you want to keep your bathroom always looking and smelling fresh, follow these simple tips.

Upgrade Your Lighting

A lot of people install a single overhead lighting in their bathrooms and think it’s enough. It may be surprising, but although bathrooms are typically smaller than the other rooms in the house are, it takes more than just a single light bulb (no matter how powerful) to create the ideal lighting conditions in the place.

And good lighting is top on the list if you want your bathroom to look fresh all the time. The key to achieving is by layering lights, supplementing the ambient light with task and accent lighting fixtures. 

For example, install wall sconces on each side of your bathroom mirror to illuminate shadows cast by the ceiling light. You can also add recessed lights by the shower area to further brighten up the room and generally help you see better.

During daylight, make sure to let as much natural light as possible into the bathroom. Not only does sunshine provide ample lighting, but it is also a powerful tool for killing germs and bacteria in your home and improve air quality.

Use a Light Color Palette

If your bathroom hasn’t been touched up for years, it’s high time that you give it a bit of a makeover. You don’t have to do a complete remodel or renovation. The easiest way to freshen up your bathroom is to give it a new coat of paint. It covers up imperfections and damages, as well as brighten up the walls’ dull appearance.

When choosing a color for your walls, opt for light colors, like powder blue, fresh green, pastel pink, sandy brown, or canary yellow. The same principle applies to your bathroom furnishing. Light colors tend to reflect light well and give off a clean, fresh vibe. And if your bathroom is tiny, painting it light creates the illusion of a bigger space.

Always Ventilate during and after Use

Ventilation is key to ward off bad odors, surplus heat, and excess moisture in your bathroom. Bad smell is unpleasant, but residual heat and humidity are on another level. The combination of both creates the perfect environment for the mold growth, which can worsen the air quality in your bathroom, potentially harm your health, and cause a host of structural problems.

You can easily prevent the problem by turning on the exhaust fan when you’re using the bathroom and leaving it on for at least 15 minutes after showering or bathing. Opening the window and door also helps air circulate better, dry the room faster, and improve the overall air quality in your bathroom.

Keep Your Bathroom Clean and Clutter-Free

The new paint and lighting won’t have much effect if you don’t clean and declutter your bathroom regularly. That said, set an everyday and weekly routine for tidying. Throwing out the trash should be part of your daily routine as well as wiping excess moisture and ventilating the bathroom. Tedious chores such as scrubbing the toilet or cleaning the tiles can be relegated on the weekend when you have ample time to do them.

Always return things to their proper places after use. Hang wet towels on the drying bar, and put dirty laundry in the hamper. After bathing, clean off soap and shampoo residue on the sink, glass doors, or tub before they turn into dry stains. Establishing neat habits is critical in keeping your bathroom looking and smelling fresh all the time.

Prevent Bathroom Clogs

If there’s grossness in your bathroom, then your toilet is the most likely source. Clogging is a common toilet problem in most homes. Depending on the severity, it can be resolved using a plunger, but the worstcause would take a professional to fix and clean up all the resulting mess.

You can prevent clogs not just in your toilet but also your sink and shower drains by installing a powerful macerating pump in your bathroom. A macerating pump uses a powerful motor to break down wastewater and facilitate better drainage. 

Final Takeaway

Aside from cleanliness and organization, other variables come into play in keeping your bathroom looking and smelling fresh. Lighting plays a huge role in the presentation and ambiance of the room, which can be supplemented by the light color palette.

Proper ventilation helps eliminates stink and create better indoor air quality. Finally, installing measures to prevent clogging saves your bathroom from the potential mess and stink it would generate.

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