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How to host a sophisticated garden party at home

by emily

in Lifestyle

Summer is around the corner and even now during the last few weeks of spring, there have been beautifully warm days with refreshingly cool evenings. These are the perfect conditions for a garden party. And after all the rain, your garden will be ready to be on display.

Start gathering your outdoor furniture and browsing speaker, laptop and cellphone deals online to have a sound system for entertainment. Then, find an occasion or host a sophisticated garden party just because you can. It’s time to celebrate the seasons and start appreciating the beauty in your backyard.

With a few additions here and there, you will be ready to host the best garden party of the year.

Keep it outside

The purpose of a garden party is for everything to happen in the garden. You don’t need your guests wandering inside the house whenever they need to refill their drink or grab a snack.

Bring out the tables, ice coolers, kettle urns and fondue sets – everything your guests might need to quench their thirst and satisfy their taste buds. Consider buying these garden party appliances on credit to ensure that everything is cool, fresh and ready for the taking right from the table.

Tables will add an element of décor when you have light linen tablecloths and bold coloured serving plates and glasses on top of it. Just be sure to have netting or coverings for your plates of food to keep the bugs away. You could even use citronella candles to keep the flies away and contribute to the décor style of your outdoor snack tables.

Accommodate with seating

Seating outdoors can be a bit tricky if you only have one patio lounge set. But there’s nothing stopping you from bringing out your dining table, ottoman and occasional chairs outdoors for some extra seating. Having those out in the garden will definitely add to the sophisticated style and your guests will be appreciative of the offer to sit down and relax.

Before you do this, however, take note of the material those chairs are made up of and which would be too sensitive under direct sunlight. Rather place those under a gazebo, tree or patio where they won’t be damaged by the sun or protect them with a couch cover.

Play with pillows

An easy way to make all these seating arrangements look great is by adorning them with throw pillows. Big, small, textured and colourful to add to the décor and make your guests feel comfortable. You can even buy large outdoor seating cushions and scatter them around the garden as additional seating. Or you could use them to host a picnic-styled garden party.  

Pillows exude comfort and can easily establish style through their patterns and colour. It’s very difficult to flop garden décor with throw pillows and it takes minimal effort to set up which will allow you to focus on the finer details.

Have shady spots available

Sunny garden parties are a great excuse to be outdoors and soak up the sun. But at some point, everyone has had their daily dosage of vitamin D and needs to retreat to a shady spot. For your garden party, you need to make sure you have these areas in your garden and that your guests don’t retreat all the way inside the house where there is no party.

There are many ways you can achieve this. You might already have a patio or garden deck area with a roof covering where some guests can relax. If you have any trees in your garden, be sure to allocate some of your seating there to make the most of those areas. And if you have enough space in the garden, set up or hire a gazebo where there can be enough space for the food and drinks, as well as your guests to gather and take a seat out of the sun.

If you want to add an element of fun, you could even provide classic paper umbrellas for your guests to use.  

Let there be light

As the sun starts to set, that shouldn’t indicate that the party is over or needs to be moved indoors. Find some garden lights to scatter around the area and decorate your railings and gazebos with fairy lights to add some mood lighting to your sophisticated theme. It will also protect your guests from injuring themselves while wandering around your garden.

Prepare for the evening chill

With the sun setting is the possibility of a cooler evening, which is something you need to prepare for. Buy mink blankets for sale and scatter them along with your throw pillows or have them neatly folded up in a wicker basket where your guests can easily grab one when it starts to get chilly.

With all of these little details, you will host a great garden party and be counting down the days until you can host your next one.

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