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How to Get a Cool Look for Your Windows with Various Stylish Shutters

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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Choosing the right window shutter as part of your window treatment could be a difficult task, however, with proper research one can definitely find the perfect solution.

Window shutters for window dressing on Marquette Turner


There are of course various considerations that you need to keep in mind before buying any kind of shutter for the window treatment of your home. Some of them comprises of:

  • If you are considering outdoor shutters, make sure that you know the exact size of the window and other measurements, as choosing the right size is really important.
  • It must protect the interior of your home during heavy rain or wind storms and can protect the glass too.
  • Decide on the kind of material that you would like the shutters to be made of, that can do justice to your windows.
  • Make sure that the shutters blend well with the colour of your walls.
  • Compare various styles to discover the one that accommodates your home’s design and construction.
  • It is necessary to determine how much natural light is available and how much is required in the room.
  • Decide a particular window treatment based on the climate of that particular area.
  • Keep in mind the basic function of the room when buying a shutter.
  • The shutter type that you choose should be able to provide the required security.
  • It should be simple to clean and maintain.
  • They should be affordable, easy to install and offer the greatest protection.

So, these are some of the important points that must be considered when buying a particular type of shutter.

One can consider installing shutters as they are an excellent option for new window treatments and often the best source to search for a huge variety and styles of shutters available is online. Let’s have a look upon various styles of shutters:


There are mainly four most popular styles of shutters, which are as follows:

  • Plantation shutters: These are very well known type of shutters, which are also known as louvers. Furthermore, with these types of shutters one can really get creative with the design, colour and rods as they suit most spaces.
  • Solid shutters: These shutters are best suited for a more traditional appearance. Moreover, they can be folded back during the day and closed at night.
  • Tier on tier shutters: These types of shutters generally have two sets of shutters, one above the other that can be opened individually. Furthermore, for covering the whole window, tier on tier plantation shutters are best as they provide more flexibility and more light control.
  • Cafe style shutters: As the name suggests, these shutters are the best choice for restaurants and cafes. Additionally, they just cover the bottom half of the window.

Window dressing with window shutters on Marquette Turner Luxury Homes


Now, let’s checkout for some of the top benefits of using various types of shutters for windows treatment at home:

  • Window shutters contribute a pleasant touch to a home’s exterior
  • Shutters serve a functional purpose:
    • They cover up windows by night and also in bad weather to exclude bad weather or cold air.
    • By day they are pressed open from the inside to allow the daylight and the sun’s warmth into a home.
  • Shutters can cover the home’s largest windows.
  • They can coordinate well with a home’s design to bring out a certain style in its appearance.
  • One can install them for special effect on their homes.
  • Shutters present a stylish and trendy alternative to blinds and curtains.
  • They are the most cost-effective way to completely update the look and feel of a room.
  • Shutters are easier to clean when compared to drapes or curtains.
  • Shutters offer great flexibility in the form of different slat sizes, colours and panel designs.
  • They last longer and are more durable.

Hence, window shutters are an excellent choice over the traditional window furnishing options. Just choose the style that best meets your needs and requirements and also enhances the decor of your sweet home.

This is a guest article for Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

Author Bio:

Jacob, working with a shutter making company for many years likes to write and post blogs and articles on various topics. Here he is listing different types of shutters like plantation shutters, tier on tier  shutters, hurricane shutters and more that people like for their home design.

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