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How to Find a Fixer Upper: Essential Property Renovation Tips in any Real Estate Market

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Features, Wise Guy

Not so long ago, every second television show seemed to be about renovating run-down homes. With the current real estate market being less enticing, these shows seem to have dropped off.

The irony is, of course, that now is the time that you’re more likely to find a bargain.

If indeed there are more and more buyer’s markets throughout the world, then for those with finances available, there’s never a better time to get a good deal.

Therefore, we’ve put together four essential factors that you must consider to ensure that you complete the project with as much financial reward as possible.



1. Purchase Price — The lower price you pay, the more potential there is for profit it at the end. Remember, you generally make the money when you buy, not when you sell!

2. Renovation Expenses – Be as exact (and honest with yourself)as you can for each room that you are renovating, and include some “room-to-move should you be faced with the inevitable surprises (such as dampness, termite problems, legals).

3. Holdings Costs — The longer you own the home, the higher your costs for mortgage, taxes, and insurances will be.

4. Anticipated Sale Price — Be honest with yourself and compare your property like-for-like with others that have SOLD (not that have just been on the market for an eternity).


When undertaking a renovation, take into account how long it will take to complete. From “go to woe”, the market conditions could have changed immensely (for good or for bad) so try and take into account each scenario and what your subsequent actions will be (eg. if the market is worse, what would you do?)

Simply by doing your homework you’ll ensure you reduce the number of surprises.

Good luck!

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