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How to decorate archways for outdoor weddings

by emily

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Many brides and grooms want to add their personal touch on their wedding day and a customised archway is the best way to do so. Because archways are so versatile, you could turn your wedding arch into whatever you want it to be.

If you’re interested in personalising your outdoor garden archways there are many different ways in which you can do it. Depending on the theme of your ceremony,  you can get inspiration and make your archway a focal point. They have become popular over time and many couples want to make it as iconic as possible and a something to remember their special day by. They serve as a wedding backdrop and where the couple exchanges their vows.

Get a bit creative and choose from a range of florals, fabrics, and different textures. 

There are different types of archways to choose from. There is a standard archway, dropper archway, and a dropper archway with a bend. Should you want a more personalised archway, you may build your own in a shape you prefer. 


An archway draped in flowers is a grand way to say “I do”, and also a stunning way to define an open space. Sourcing flowers for your ceremony can be a strenuous activity. You can source your flowers at a florist or online. Be sure to source flowers and greenery that is available in the season you plan your ceremony to be in.

Unfortunately, fresh flowers have a shelf life. You don’t want to be stuck with wilted flowers the day of your wedding! The best time to collect your flowers is the day before the ceremony or the morning of the ceremony to ensure that they are still fresh.

You can either choose real flowers or artificial ones, either way, the most important part is how to decorate and secure them onto the arch. Ensure that the flowers are secured onto the arch to prevent them from falling down or blowing away.


Many people prefer fabric drapings for a more elegant look. You may use it as a backdrop for the archway, arranged with a curtain sheet or tulle instead. You may buy the fabric from any home decor store. Many people opt for a plain white curtain but if you want one with a pattern or one with a bit more colour, consider designing your own.

A fun idea would be to add both the fabric and floral to add a more romantic touch. The flower stems could be used to tie and secure the curtain on the arch.


Want a fantasy ceremony? Then why not add battery operated lights as part of the archway decor. Not only will it look magical and delicately lit up, but it will also be cosy and romantic.  Be sure to buy mini lights so that the lights are not overwhelming the decor. You can get these from your local hardware or supermarkets.

Wrap the string of lights on the archway poles to secure them. Additionally, another way to add more sparkle to your day is to add more sparkle to your trellis is to completely cover the open space of your trellis with battery operated lights and turn the archway trellis into a sparkly wall.

If you are going to be adding them to an archway that will have flowers, be sure that the light bulbs you buy are water resistant. If you cannot find battery operated light you may use the usual ones that are plugged into a wall. Ensure that your archway is in a place where an extension cord will be able to reach. You can hide the cords with flowers and greenery.


To add a sparkly centrepiece, consider a chandelier to add a personalised feature. Not only is it a unique feature to add and will add dimension and personality to your ceremony. Be sure to choose a chandelier that is best suited for the arch.

You don’t want to have the archway falling apart during your ceremony. So, ensure your chandelier is not too heavy on the archway. If you would like to have a floral chandelier, this is also an option but, remember not to make it too heavy.


Whether you will only have a few floral touches on your archway or a full floral decor, ensure that you have a runner that will mist the flowers with water during the day to keep them hydrated and fresh.

To avoid epic fails on your big day, do a practice run on the arch before the wedding day. This will give you an idea of how everything will look like on the day and will also outline what you might want to change and replace.

If you are looking into using artificial flowers, you can arrange your archway days in advance or even a few weeks prior. Unlike real flowers, they won’t wilt. This will give you enough time to add or make some changes if needed.

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