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How to create a value-boosting garden deck

by emily

in Design & Trends, DIY, How to, Outdoor Living

We’re all looking to boost the value of our homes, whether we plan to sell right now or not. And there’s more to adding value to your property than just renovating and extending your house. Having a beautiful and well-kept garden can do the trick too.

But today we’re talking about creating a value-boosting garden deck (because they have the potential to make your home more valuable). But the value-boosting, for now, is just for you and to give you something to add to the reasons why you love your home.

Get your garden’s best angle

Let’s start by deciding on where you want to build your garden deck. You need to place it strategically so that it flows with the house, is easy to access and actually offers deck-loungers a good view.

If your garden doesn’t have a “best angle”, then you may want to start by revamping your garden beds, adding a water feature or cleaning your pool (which you should probably do anyway). Give yourself something to marvel at as you lounge on your garden deck. Make your garden one for Pinterest boards around the world. It’s no good having a beautiful garden deck that overlooks something not-so-beautiful. It will take a bit of extra effort but revamping your garden isn’t as difficult (or expensive) as it may seem.  

Use quality wood for the deck

Now we can start with the deck itself. The first thing you’re going to need is quality wood. Decking timber is what you ask for and varnish is what you’ll need to seal and protect it. You need wood that’s durable and able to withstand the external elements without crumbling or posing a threat to you or your guests’ safety.

Have your deck blueprints at the ready and make sure you follow the necessary steps to securely build your elevated garden deck. Starting with the foundations, placing the footings, cutting and laying your timber, prepping the decking wood, laying the planks and then sealing and painting them. Once all of that is done, we can start discussing how you can decorate it to make it the best garden deck on the market.   

Bring out the patio set

You finally have a space for your patio lounge set. Choose a colour scheme for your outdoor furniture and make sure it complements the outside of your house. Then you can decide on the type of setting you want to achieve. Relaxed? Sophisticated? Cosy? You need to decide on what purpose this garden deck space will fulfil and choose your patio set accordingly.

If you want to create a relaxing setting where people can chill and put up their feet, then consider having bean bags, a hammock and comfortable straw-styled seating. If you want a more formal setting where you can host book clubs and wine and dine evenings, you should consider a neat L-shaped outdoor lounge suite maybe with a glass coffee table in the centre. And if you’re looking for cosy, any patio set with large cushions and blankets in a more condensed layout.

Most of your garden deck décor will come from your patio set so take your time to think about what it is you really want.

Lavish with lights

A garden deck doesn’t only have to be beautiful or appreciated in the morning with the sunrise, afternoon in the sunlight or late afternoon when the sunsets. Summer and spring evenings are perfect for grabbing a drink and being outside in the fresh air and looking up at the stars.  

If you wanted to add something extra to these evenings to make it more enjoyable, you should lavish your garden deck with lights. Nothing too bright, those floodlights can be used in the garden itself so you can still enjoy the garden at night if you wish. But invest in dim lighting that will set the mood for relaxed evenings at home. Fairy lights would be perfect to drape over the deck railings and lanterns with candles would make a great hanging or coffee-table centrepiece.

If you want to get creative you can incorporate mirrors into your deck through vases, plant pots and tables that will reflect these lighting aspects even more.

Consider coverings

It’s nice to have an open deck, especially in the summer. But there are summer rain and coolish evenings that are still nice to be outside in, just not where there’s no wind or rain barrier. For that reason, you should consider a covering for part of or the entire the garden deck that can be set up for those evenings.

Many people enjoy watching and listening to the rain and by doing that from your garden deck you can stimulate your touch, smell and sight senses. Canvas makes for a comfortable deck covering over the top or retractable screens on the sides that can be lowered when necessary. Another popular deck-roof trend is pieces of natural wood layered together to form a covering. It will all depend on what will suit the style of your garden deck.

And there you have it. A solid and beautiful deck with furniture to make it useful, lights to set the mood and coverings to make it useful through every season.

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