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How to Choose Your Colours Wisely – Using the Power of Colour in Your Home

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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Choose your Colours Wisely – Using the power of colour in your home

Have you ever wondered why restaurants with brick-red walls have such an inviting atmosphere, or why corporate high flyers love wearing black? Colours have more influence than you think, and choosing the right shades for your home can make all the difference.

Colour therapy, or chromotherapy, is an invaluable tool when creating the atmosphere you want each room to portray. Use it to your advantage, and you’ll soon discover why.

Chromotherapy - Using the Power of Colour in your Home

 Image Credit: Colour samples by Team Dalog

Perfect Colours for the Home – What Colours Should I Choose

Orange and warm browns are great boosters of fun, vitality, and good humour, hence their popularity with restaurants. Use it in your dining room mixed with splashes of deep green to inspire harmony and understanding. Yellow is a great colour for the office, as it promotes intelligence and logic. Leave it out of the bedroom though; it can make a tired mind anxious. Instead, keep your sleeping sanctuary cool and calm with shades of blue. Opt for soft blue bedding, and you’ll enhance communication with your significant other whilst promoting a peaceful atmosphere. Perfect for sharing your thoughts at the end of the day.

Chromotherapy - Using the Power of Colour in your Home

 Image Credit: Miereles – Pling Green-a by Julian Stallabrass

Want to add some passion? It’s time to play with red. Even a hint of this vibrant colour enhances spontaneity, stamina, and self-confidence. Never underestimate the crimson scatter cushion, or a sherry-red blanket.

Stressful job? Leave a corner of your living room neutral and white. This is where you go when it’s all too much. Surrounding yourself with creamy whites clears and refreshes the mind, recharges your batteries and restores ideals.

If you want to get the creativity flowing, make sure your craft room is decked out in purple or violet. It stimulates artistic abilities, intuition and imagination. These shades are also welcome in kids’ rooms, but keep it light so they don’t get overwhelmed.

How Much Colour is Enough?

When it comes to the heavy shades, just a splash will do. Throws, vases and table cloths can be bright pops of colour. The lighter the shade, the more you need, so feel free to experiment with pastel paints and wallpapers.

It is also important to mix colours, as contrasting shades makes it easier to absorb each influence. Black demands authority and focus, but put it next to white to really get the benefit. Yellow leaps forward when placed next to dark blue. To really profit from red, offset it with shades of sea-green and turquoise. Painting just your front door blue means you’ll be relieved from stress the moment you step into your home.

There is no wrong or right when it comes to colouring your space. The bolder you get, the more you’ll discover the influence of colour therapy. So have fun playing around, and discovering this wonderful method of home decorating for yourself.

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