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How To Choose The Best Pool Filter

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Features, Outdoor Living, Variety

You have probably dreamed about having a big mansion with a pool outside. It will be like it came out of a fairytale. You could go swimming any time you want. Just imagine it. You could have parties quite regularly. You won’t have to spend money on vacations or anything. You have it all in your backyard. Everyone only looks at the bright side of having it. Nobody wants to think about cleaning and maintenance. 

When there are more people inside it, the pool will quickly get filthy. You wouldn’t want to have to pump it out every time you have someone over. It’s not logical, really. You could also use chlorine. It cleans the water. But it has its disadvantages. Some people get allergic reactions to chlorine. So, you would have to think of another option. The way for it to be clean nonstop is if you install a filter. You could learn what it would cost you to install one on this link https://homeguide.com/costs/inground-pool-cost.

What’s its function?

You have probably heard a lot about filters. Their function is to remove harmful bacteria and bugs. So, you won’t have to do anything really. When choosing the proper one, you have to look for the best one. You can’t just go and buy the cheapest. It will surely break down quickly. You should be looking for the one that will last long. Your filter should be easy to clean and maintain. If it doesn’t keep you safe from bacteria, you bought the wrong one.

Different types

Before buying something, you should do some research. There are some facts you have to learn before shopping. So, you have to know that there are different types of pool filters. There are 3 types. They are diatomaceous earth, sand, and cartridge. They are quite different. Their differences are in the price, way of cleaning, replacement, and filtration rate. You will find this information on the package. If you don’t understand anything, ask for help. You could always bring an expert with you.


These are the most common swimming pool filters. Most of the owners buy them. It doesn’t clog that easily. So, it means that it’s ideal for larger spaces. The name comes from the fact that the filtration tank is actually full of sand. Their efficiency will be reduced after a couple of years. So, you will use them for many years. The filter will tell you when it is time for backwashing. 


If you have a small pool, this filter may be the right one for you. It does cost a bit more. But they will save lots of energy. When it gets full of garbage, you can just get it out and wash it out. Simple as that. However, the filter itself needs a bit of help. You will need to check up on it from time to time. You would have to buy a cleaner and put it in acid.

Diatomaceous earth 

These things can block only tiny particles. They are the most expensive type. Also, you would have to maintain them more regularly. They’re a bit different than all other machines. It’s because of their content and how they work. You would have to think carefully before buying them. The name tells you that it takes a bit more labor to put into it. It’s a complicated name.

Troubles you may have

Even if you buy the most expensive machine, there is, you can still expect some problems. It’s a machine, after all. They can stop working for lots of reasons. So, you have to pay close attention to them. Check for any adverse signs once in a while. If you want to handle these issues by yourself, you should click here.

Leaks are some of the most common problems you will encounter. They’re quite easy to notice. You should take care of them as soon as you can. Sometimes, you may notice that your filter doesn’t work properly. There are still leftover materials floating around. You should check the bolts. They could be a bit loose. If you have low water pressure, expect problems. The system could easily get clogged. 

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