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How to choose an oven for your home

by emily

in Design & Trends, Interior Design

You might be moving into a new home where a freestanding oven once stood or, you’re renovating and making space for a built-in oven or, you’re just looking for a new oven to replace a really old and leave-it-in-for-an-extra-30-minutes oven.  

Whatever the reason, you need to make an informed decision as it can become quite a large expense in terms of price, power usage and repairs. Here are a few tips on how to choose an oven for your home.

Consider the installation

You need to know what space you’re working with and whether there’s a need for a freestanding or built-in installation of your oven. This is the first step in narrowing down your search.

Freestanding ovens are great because they tend to easily fit in a predetermined slot in your kitchen. And, if you ever choose to move, you won’t need to leave it behind. You can take it with you to your new home if the space allows it.

Built-in ovens have their own advantages too. This type of installation makes it a beautiful and seamless addition to your kitchen, giving it a sleek and modern look. It would be more of a mission, however, to take this type of oven with you should you ever intend to move one day. But, with built-in ovens, you also have the option to install them at eye-level in your cupboards and you aren’t restricted to align them with your kitchen counters.

Size matters

The next aspect that’s going to narrow down your oven search is the size of things because when it comes to ovens, size matters.

  • Size of oven slot space: Most home ovens are between 60 and 90 centimetres wide, so you’re going to have to measure what the size of the oven slot space in the kitchen is. And, unless you plan on bashing out counters and remodelling the entire kitchen, you should stick to the space provided.
  • Size of oven hob: The next aspect to size up is that of your oven hob or stove-top section of your oven. If you go the built-in route, you might even have a separate counter-top hob as opposed to a two-in-one cooker-style oven. The size you need to consider is that of the cooking plates. First of all, are there enough plates for you to cook comfortably? And, secondly, are the plate diameters accommodating to your pots and pans?
  • Size of oven capacity: Now we look at the oven capacity. The more volume, the more you can cook at one time. The wider your oven, the larger your oven space. You know how much you cook on a regular basis and how many dishes you normally have circulating in the oven at one time. Make sure you accommodate that with your oven capacity.

Cooking preference

We’ve filtered your search by installation type and size, but there are more difficult decisions to come. Such as your cooking preference. There are pros and cons to all the oven cooking types, it literally comes down to personal preference and what works for you. But here are some of the facts to help you decide:

  • All electric: Electric ovens are energy-efficient, easy to use, provide even cooking temperatures and are more affordable and easier to install than gas ovens. With an electric oven, you’ll be stuck in the event of a power outage and it will take longer to reach temperature than a gas oven would.
  • All gas: Gas ovens, on the other hand, reach the desired temperature almost instantly, paying for gas is cheaper than for electricity, and the overall cooking time is shorter. One thing with gas ovens, however, is that their selling price is usually significantly higher than electric ovens. But you’ll be able to cook for yourself even when the power goes out. Eurogas is a quality oven-appliance brand to look to and they have both Eurogas ovens and Eurogas stoves on offer.  
  • Or a gas/electric hybrid: If you’re looking for the best of both – the simplicity of an electric oven with the instant and controllable flame of a gas hob – then you need to look at a gas/electric hybrid cooker. Eurogas even have a gas/electric cooker product range, making them the first place you should look when choosing an oven for your home.


And the final deciding factor that will help you choose an oven is centred around what you can afford. Before you even start browsing, you should have created a budget that you can base all your decisions on.

This will probably have the most influence on what you choose at the end of the day. Keep your eye out for sales and promotions online for your favourite brands. Any oven product from Eurogas, Smeg, Siemens, Elba and Bosch will give you the quality you’re looking for. And don’t forget what your budget is.

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